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Android Media Apps

Most healthcare facilities start engaging the patient the moment they enter their building, but to be truly patient-centric, the concern should begin when the patient leaves their home. While patient care is the primary concern, ensuring satisfaction in entertainment is significant. Most patients are restricted to stay in their bed and not leave the room. That allows the patient numerous hours where they must find some sort of entertainment. Patients want to have entertainment at their fingertips with the familiarity of home.

Our integrated solution scales to your needs both today and tomorrow. We provide your facility a long-term solution that will positively impact patient satisfaction and education from day one. No other patient engagement and entertainment provider can match our level of flexibility.

Our solutions are all based on the Android platform and open the door to be able to access endless third-party apps. Just a few of the features using our system, built on Android, can provide you:

  • Internet access can be made accessible
  • Access to all the popular email providers and social media platforms
  • Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV and other similar apps can be downloaded to the devices for the patient to access with their own log-in credentials
  • Leverage to music, games and movies-on-demand
  • And so much more