Discharge Planning

Studies support that patient outcomes will increase dramatically when there is a discharge plan in place. Along with improving the patient’s outcome once discharged, an effective strategy can help to decrease the chances of the patient being readmitted. HCI’s CareTV helps streamline the recovery process by ensuring the patient and caregivers receive educational content on specific health issues and details on medications they will be taking at home.

If required, CareTV can be used as part of the discharge process to provide additional information by connecting the patient with the appropriate staff member, such as a pharmacist to shed further light on a medication. CareTV works across the continuum of care to make sure that the patient does not perceive discharge as an unexpected event, but a planned transition.

In summary, CareTV helps to enhance these critical elements of the discharge process:

  • Discharge education that starts at the time of admission
  • Preparing the patient for the hospital to home transition
  • Caregiver(s) become fully educated to provide the best post-hospital care