Gift Shop

Whether it’s selecting a book from the hospital gift shop, filling a prescription, or arranging for durable medical equipment, patients and their families can now enjoy the convenience of shopping from their room.

The CareTV bedside shopping feature provides convenience for the patient and a new source of revenue for the hospital in areas including:

  • Pharmacy
  • Gift Shop or Marketplace
  • Medical Equipment

Before discharge, patients can purchase the supplies they need before going home. Whether it’s crutches or a blood pressure monitor, it can be ordered through the CareTV solution. Multiple stores for different product categories can be set up. The storefront is entirely customizable.  It offers unlimited “shelf-space” for items in a variety of categories.  Your HCI Account Manager will work with your team to develop your retail strategy.

Shopping experiences let the patients see complete pricing, product descriptions, and product images. Hospital managers can download and export transaction data for tracking and reporting. Gift Shop gives your patients a new level of convenience and gives your hospital a new source of revenue.