Patient Entertainment

Patient entertainment was once considered a luxury is now an essential in today’s world. Time in the hospital passes more quickly for patients when they are entertained which in return helps increase patient satisfaction.

That is why HCI’s CareTV takes entertainment seriously. Our solution offers the best level of entertainment with first-run movies, television shows on-demand, fun games, internet access, cable TV and more. The content that appears on the patient’s in-room TV comes with healthcare consumers expectations of quality, comfort and choice.

Our innovative solution runs on the Android operating system for all your entertainment needs. No other platform provides this level of flexibility. It scales to the technology needs of both today and tomorrow. With Android, you can tailor your entertainment content to give the latest apps that are in the industry. Some of the more popular options our customers have utilized are:

  • Social Media
  • Music (Pandora, Spotify, YouTube)
  • Access to all the popular email providers
  • Netflix, Hulu, Swing TV and other similar apps can be downloaded to the devices for the patient to access with their log-in credentials
  • Internet access can be made accessible

When you partner with HCI, the options for entertainment are endless. There are over half a million apps that can be added to your package and for half the price of the competition. By offering a robust entertainment package can provide patients a distraction for their discomforts or stresses.