Patient Survey

Patient satisfaction has become a focus for healthcare organizations across the country. Implementing patient surveys is a way to measure the quality of care, services provided, areas that need improvement and overall patient experience. All surveys can be fully customized to the facility’s needs and receive the feedback that fits their practice.

There are a variety of surveys an organization can provide.  Once a survey is prescribed to the patient, they can be delivered to the television through an o­­n-demand or non-intrusive prompts. The facility also has the power to dynamically change the follow-up question based on the patient’s response and trigger a message to the appropriate staff member alerting them to the patient’s satisfaction issue. Your facility will be taking their level of service to a whole new level.

By leveraging HCI’s patient survey, you can help reduce staff task saturation, measure the service and outcome you are providing your patients. All issues can be addressed before it is escalated too far.  Once the patient completes the survey, you can see real-time results through your MediaCare Dashboard.