Service Request

We help hospitals reduce service recovery times by making sure a clear line of communication is always kept open for patients, care providers, and service professionals. When patients use CareTV to request any service such as the need for an extra pillow, these requests are routed directly to the correct department. This customized app eliminates non-clinical tasks for the clinician, reduces the workload for the nursing staff, and speeds up the delivery of hospital services. By providing this added service from the patient’s bedside, you are opening opportunities for:

  • Service benchmarks that can be established and measured
  • Exceptional staff performance to be recognized and rewarded
  • Areas that need improvement to be addressed promptly
  • The ability for hospital leadership to measure and manage turnaround time

Service Request feature helps identify specific areas that can benefit from operational improvement. When a healthcare facility leverages the full capabilities of Service Request, they make a promise to deliver top of the line services that enhance satisfaction and create a positive impact.