Visitor Log

For a visitor seeing their family member or friend in the hospital can be an emotional experience.  Tying systems to interoperate with one another to provide timely information to the patient and their families can significantly impact the patient and family’s experience positively.

Real-time location systems (RTLS) is a tool that is used to track entry and exit of staff members. Providing family members with a log of all care team visits can ease a family’s burden and calm their mind during a stressful time.

In addition to patient benefits, RTLS can benefit the facility by increasing efficiency and save valuable staff time by no longer having to enter the information manually.  By automating this process, you are giving the staff the capability to focus on what is most important – the patient! As KLAS research states, those you have integrated an RTLS solution have seen a 95% increase in operational efficiency!

When RTLS is deployed throughout a facility, they will be able to understand the workflow cycle more efficiently. Real-time results will help to measure the care that is provided, the amount of time a patient is receiving from staff, and who has been in to care for the patient.