Self-Service Plays a Vital Role in Patient Satisfaction

Surveys by Gartner and other firms show that consumers strongly desire access to self-service options in healthcare.”

Jim Dowling, HealthCare IT News
HCI offers important apps and workflow optimization features for patient engagement and patient satisfaction.

Patient service requests are an important aspect of a patient’s hospital stay; they’re often in a challenging situation and their first impression of how their care will proceed is important. In most instances, the first point of contact a patient has is with a Nurse. Nurses are held accountable for a lasting first impression and could be the reason a patient leaves the facility satisfied. Fulfilling patient services requests often entails both clinical and non-clinical tasks that Nurses are called upon to do. With limited time and a full schedule of clinical work with many varied requests, the Nursing staff needs to be able to delegate requests to the appropriate departments. Delegation is key, but what if there isn’t extra staff to support fulfillment?

MediaCare and the Automated Service Request App

Patients prefer choice and the ability to order and request services. HCI offers them that choice through MediaCare.

One of the key pillars to HCI’s MediaCare solution is our Service Request App, one of a variety of patient-centric interactive apps available through the enterprise-wide, integrated platform. As a central part of the Interactive Patient Care Solution, the app allows patients make a non-clinical request using an easy to navigate menu on their interactive TV. Once the request is made a message will automatically be sent to the appropriate department to fulfill the request.

To help administrators and department heads monitor and allocate dollars, staff and resources, MediaCare offers detailed, robust reporting on room status, requests made and other fulfillment data.

Patient Requests Can Be Quickly and Easily Filled

Patient Service requests can include discharge support, by automating prescription fulfillment through the hospital pharmacy, or ordering a wheelchair. Patients can request to see a chaplain or other spiritual leader, or request to call a family member. They can request to use HCI’s Friends and Family Connect App to have a video call with loved ones or request a telemedicine video call with an external clinician. Patients can order a meal from their bedside or request a snack. If they need a blanket or pillow, they can make these requests using the Service Request app on their interactive patient TV.

HCI offers telehealth via its range of digital, interactive touchscreens, tablets and patient TVs.
Bedside Meal Ordering using their hospital whiteboard through MediaCare offers higher patient satisfaction through patient engagement with automated fulfillment apps right on the patient whiteboard or HCI patient TV.

If a patient needs to have the temperature in their room adjusted, they can make this request via the TV, eliminating the need to press their Nurse Call button to page a Nurse. The department responsible for the specific request will be notified through a message and can then schedule and fulfill it in a timely manner. That saves the Nursing staff time and allows the focus to be on providing clinical care to those who need it. This saves steps and time for the Nursing staff, reduces labor costs, makes workflows more efficient, and enhances the patient experience. Include service and satisfaction surveys for benchmarking quality initiatives.

Deliver custom healthcare quality and satisfaction surveys to patients to measure quality initiatives and response.

Configurations for the HCI Service Request app are endless, and can be tailored to fit your facility’s needs, processes and standards, with branding, colors, layouts and on-the-fly editing capabilities for staff.

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