HCI BedMate Tablet TVs combine convenience, functionality, choice  and interactive, touch screen capabilities for patients and staff.

A Powerful Option

Choice is a powerful option for patients when they’re in the hospital. Having a sense of control when hospitalized can seem out of reach, with all of the people, procedures and processes patients can experience. We all have some experience with the hospital experience – most of the time when you’re in one, you really don’t want to be there and you can’t wait to be discharged.  But what if while you were in the hospital you felt almost as comfortable as you might at home?

What if patients had a choice for accessing their favorite movies, social media platforms, music or other forms of media for entertainment and diversion? And better yet, what if patients could easily become better informed about the condition that brought them to the hospital as a result of a readmission? HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions offer choice for patients by providing a vast array of entertainment options, educational content through our content partner, Healthwise, and options for streaming, social media and gaming platforms. This empowers them to be more fully involved in their care, treatment and transition to home.

HCI provides a unique form of patient engagement with Family & Friends Connect - the ability to video chat with loved ones while hospitalized for comfort, updates and reassurance.

Android Technology Powers Patient Choice

With Android technology, HCI’s patient engagement solutions provide patient onboarding with welcome and patient rights videos, and access to social connections so patients can maintain a sense of their normal activities. Through Family and Friends Connect, patients can video chat with loved ones for updates, reassurance and support. We offer an external Telemedicine feature, so patients can connect with a preferred or external provider, and clinicians can consult with each other via video, whether they are in the same building, different building on the same campus or even across the globe.

Access to Familiar Entertainment

Patients using the HCI patient engagement solution have access to streaming services for movie and TV show entertainment and connection to their familiar social networks. A wide variety of gaming options or even streaming game options provide relief from boredom and anxiety. BedMate Tablet TVs have personal device ports so patients can use their credentials to connect with their favorite platforms on their own devices.

Social Channel access on HCI's BedMate Tablet TV, providing Android apps for higher patient satisfaction, with a range of choices for entertainment.

Retail Choices with Auto-Fulfillment

Patients and their visitors can order meals, right from the bedside, according to physician dietary guidelines, and access the Gift Shop, too. Meal ordering is simple and can be established as presenting a menu for them to communicate their choices, or we can integrate with foodservice vendor systems to allow automatic meal ordering directly from the vendor, with auto-acknowledgement and delivery. Visitors can use this service as well, and patients or their family can choose billing options – direct to room or CoD. Gift Shop orders can be handled in the same way.

Retail Ordering through MediaCare gives patients a choice for auto-fulfillment or pickup by a guest or visitor.
Bedside Meal Ordering in accordance with dietary guidelines through MediaCare offers patients choice to feel more empowered in their care.

Choice Isn’t Just for Patients

For clinicians, Android features allow HCI devices to pull scans from the PAC system and the patient’s EHR for in-room discussion of conditions and treatments with Image Viewer on Interactive Patient Whiteboards. With the Drawing Palette, clinicians can annotate scans or sketch an image to explain a procedure, which can be helpful for parents and those with limited cognition.

For Rounding, one-touch Pain Reporting using a graphical scale on the Interactive Patient Whiteboard speeds rounding time and improves accuracy during rounds. No need to update messy dry erase boards or paper charts.

The HCI graphical pain scale allows providers to record the pain level with a touch to the interactive patient whiteboard and write it back to the patient's EHR.

HCI’s CleanCall allows clinicians to video chat with patients without entering a patient’s room – an important capability when a patient is isolated or quarantined.

HCI Drawing Palette and Image Viewer

The use of Android devices in hospitals has transformed many aspects of clinical practice and patient care. HCI brings this technology to healthcare facilities and provides a flexible and future-proof platform for healthcare facilities to entertain, educate and inform patients, visitors and staff like never before.

HCI Interactive Digital Whiteboards and hospital-grade bedside tablet televisions, powered by Android technology turn a standard patient whiteboard into a digital format that automatically records patients vital stats and rounding notes into the EHR. Patient in-room television activity can be reviewed to ensure they’re completing assigned or prescribed educational content. Because Android is an open platform, we can create custom apps designed specifically for your facility and patient needs.  We have developed our own CareApps to advance the patient experience and take it to a whole new level, with push satisfaction surveys, retail app opportunities and service request apps that can send patient requests directly to in-house departments for fulfillment. These features can have a dramatic effect on a patient’s emotional wellbeing and satisfaction with their stay. Choice is an important factor in their experience.

So, is your organization ready to take the next step toward fully engaged patients and a more efficient and satisfied staff with the power of choice?

Schedule your virtual demo, and we can illustrate for you how Android technology with our Interactive Patient Care solution supports your patient engagement, staff retention and quality goals.