Quality of care at a healthcare facility can be divided into two categories; patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. With patient satisfaction being a crucial factor in attaining higher HCHAPS scores, facilities are making methods for better patient communication and collaboration with the Care Team a top priority for patient-centered care. The World Health Organization defines quality care as “the extent to which health care services provided to individuals and patient populations improve desired health outcomes. In order to achieve this, health care must be safe, effective, timely, efficient, equitable and people-centered.” The HCI Interactive Patient Care platform helps providers achieve each of these goals.

Patient satisfaction is directly tied to the level of care team communication during the hospital stay.

Tools for Better Patient Communication

One way to support patient communication and satisfaction is by keeping them involved and aligned with their treatment plan. Healthcare facilities can realize significant improvement in patient satisfaction with the use of interactive whiteboards as a communication tool. The Care Team can keep track of a patient’s pain levels, treatment plan, the goal for the day and anticipated discharge date. The HCI patient whiteboard opens a new world of patient and Care Team communication, and includes video apps for telehealth, family updates and social connection. Provide a Patient Portal for onboarding, with welcome videos, patient rights links, way finding, and links for Internet access for streaming and gaming.

HCI hospital whiteboards in healthcare settings provide one-touch, at-a-glance patient monitoring and rounding, and show RTLS Care Team information when a member of the Care Team enters a patient room. This supports CDS processes for better communication.
HCI offers telehealth via its range of digital, interactive touchscreens, tablets and patient TVs.
Family and Friends Interactive Module offers direct videoconferencing on hospital whiteboards and tablets to keep patients connected to loved ones.
Patient Portals provide comprehensive patient onboarding.
HCI's eSitter on hospital whiteboards gives healthcare and assisted living providers a new tool for fall risk mitigation.

An Integrated Loop of Patient Care

Clinicians and Care Team members experience better, more accurate collaboration with an Interactive Patient Care platform. Using the Interactive Unit Whiteboard at a central Nurse’s Station, a groups of patients or beds can be monitored at one time, with displayed alerts, elapsed alert times and the percentage of educational content completed by each patient. The Interactive Hall Whiteboard shows room status, restrictions and protocols, next and last round, and illuminates when an alert is triggered. The Interactive Patient Whiteboard displays all vital patient information from the EHR in real time. Compliance for completing patient rounding data increases dramatically with touchscreen rounding. Administrators and CNOs have access to detailed reporting on patient activities for better allocation of equipment and supplies, scheduling and quality initiatives.

HIPAA-Compliant Interactive Hall Whiteboards from HCI provide real time patient data from outside the room, and display alert events tied to Nurse Calls.

Create a Competitive Advantage

Interactive digital displays on the whiteboards pull from your existing systems: EHR, ADT, Nurse Call, PAC, EVS, RTLS and more – and display scheduling, patient rounding updates, care team information, medications, room status and more. Dry erase boards can’t automatically compile and display this information. By adding an Interactive Patient Care solution to your integrated healthcare systems, providers can focus on improving communication between clinicians, patient and family members, while positively affecting quality, safety, and satisfaction. For a competitive advantage, using integrated digital devices for patient communication will differentiate your hospital and set a standard in your community for high quality care.

Create a competitive advantage in your hospital system with and integrated, enterprise-wide interactive patient care solution from HCI.

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