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Hurdles for Healthcare Providers

HCI helps healthcare providers manage complicated workflows and detailed patient care for better outcomes.

One of the biggest hurdles faced by hospital organizations is that of achieving better outcomes and lowering patient readmissions. It’s hard to quantify metrics if hospital systems are disconnected. Workflow optimization, supporting both patient and staff engagement, and bringing in the right resources for your organization are all challenges that require multiple approaches.

The good news is that HCI integrated, smart solutions help you with planning and implementation in multiple areas of care. For example, HCI works with you to perform a complete workflow analysis and review of patient satisfaction scores. That way, we can see where improvements are possible. Using this information, we help you craft a configurable solution that caters to the needs of your community and your teams.

Creating Better Outcomes

Studies show that connecting with patients through their use of interactive tools increases patient engagement. Higher engagement translates into higher levels of patient compliance when it comes to carrying out post-hospital stay care and routines. The HCI integrated patient education process uses automatic assignment, auto-play and reminder management to help patients comply with treatment plans. When patients have better outcomes, readmission rates are lower and CMS penalties are more manageable.

Staff engagement with Interactive Patient Care is vital to lowering rates of caregiver burnout

HCI is a service-focused organization, committed to improving the health of the people and communities we serve. By developing and implementing integrated digital technology solutions, we enable healthcare systems and hospital organizations of all sizes to enhance the experience of their patients, fully engage staff, and better manage metrics that affect the bottom line.

Watch this video to learn about increasing patient engagement, lowering readmissions, and creating higher patient (and staff) satisfaction. 

HCI hospital solutions offer better resource management and higher patient satisfaction.

HCI smart room solutions:

  • Make patient education easier to administer and easier for patients to use.
  • Create more effective and comprehensive communication with patients during in-hospital stays and outpatient treatments.
  • Integrate interactive learning to help patient understand their conditions, their post-hospital care and maintain healthy lifestyles once they leave care.
  • Deliver expanded opportunities for engaging entertainment in a way that can influence patient satisfaction.
  • Connect disparate patient information and communication systems to make care more effective in the long term.
  • Reduce caregiver burnout with transparent, real-time collaboration opportunities on touchscreen digital devices.
  • Supply better resource and workflow management, geared toward reducing errors and lowering readmissions.

Learn more to see how we can help you transform the way you deliver high-quality care for better outcomes.