Having worked with hundreds of dialysis and infusion clinics around the country, we understand their needs and demands. Our vision is to make treatments more tolerable by offering a touchscreen arm-mounted television, BedMate, to provide patients with a wide variety of entertainment options including television, movies, music, games, and Internet browsing.

HCI’s BedMate televisions offer many “smart” designs, including halo and rounded corners for patient safety, USB clone, and front button keypads. The infection control design is safe, durable, and easy to clean.

The BedMate also has the benefit of running on the Android platform. Android is an open platform, it is easy to create custom apps designed specifically for your facility and patient needs. We have developed our own CareApps to advance the patient experience and take it a whole new level.

Let us bring the technology to your facility and provide a flexible and future-proof platform. Learn more about the many features this device has and how it can change the experience your patients have. Are you interested in a demo?  Sign up here!