Building Social Capital for Better Wellbeing

Social Channel access on HCI's BedMate Tablet TV, providing Android apps for higher patient satisfaction

Connecting patients with their social capital – the idea that people can derive benefits by being interconnected with a social group or network – is a concept that can be leveraged by healthcare providers to support the overall emotional wellbeing and mental health of patients. Benefits include lower rates of depression; better vital statistics, such as better heart rate, blood pressure and sugar levels; and better mental stamina for what may be a challenging situation.

Connecting Patients with Friends and Loved Ones Translates to Higher Satisfaction and Better Recovery

HCI Family & Friends Connect allows patients to videoconference with groups from multiple locations.

HCI encourages providers to offer patients ways to remain connected with their social networks, families and friends and provides a means to stay connected during hospitalization with Family and Friends Connect. Family and Friends Connect is a way for patients to video chat with their loved ones and social groups, right from their hospital room, using the Interactive Patient Whiteboard or BedMate Tablet TV at the bedside.

Patient education and entertainment systems have evolved tremendously over the years, and there are numerous ways a hospital can differentiate themselves from their competition – one being through patient engagement using tools like Family and Friends Connect. This type of patient engagement can mean a great deal to parents or others involved in the life of a hospitalized child, or to loved ones in the life of an expectant mother in a Labor and Delivery or NICU unit. HCI’s mobile teleconferencing cart can be used for video chat sessions, or, in the case of residential healthcare facilities, be used to bring speakers, events and spiritual guides to patients who may be non-ambulatory or confined.

Offering the ability for patients and families to reassure, update and connect with their personal network can help a healthcare provider significantly raise its HCAHPS scores and patient referrals, which in turn can result in increased reimbursements. Connecting patients drives higher revenue and satisfactions scores. discusses Clinician and Nurse communication with patients, too – maintaining a personal interest in patients also contributes to higher satisfaction and better overall wellbeing.

Maintaining a positive line of communication with caregivers can help with lasting patient recovery.
Connection sting Patients to their normal activities via video and HCI's MediaCare is a simple way to increase overall satisfaction and recovery.

HCI’s interactive patient care system includes connection and entertainment apps to help patients beat anxiety, stress and boredom, remain interested and active in their social life, and become more engaged in their own healthcare through educational content. The result: increased patient satisfaction, better health outcomes, and decreased hospital readmissions. Connecting patients with activities as normally as possible is good business.

For providers, this means lower operating costs and better resource allocation, not to mention support for already overworked clinical staff with one-touch digital rounding and comprehensive data reporting with MediaCare.

Connecting patients is not only better for patient outcomes, but apps use3d can be tracked by unit or department, in aggregate e or by individual patient.

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