How is your hospital organization working to get patients fully engaged in their own health? In their healthcare? Have you considered tools that could be the very solution to get patients to be connected and passionate about taking care of themselves?

We know hospitals. Most of the time when you’re in one, you really don’t want to be there. Reminders that we all break down, experience suffering and ultimately loss are simply facts of life that we’d like to think about less if we have the option.

But what if while you were in the hospital you felt almost as comfortable as you might in your hotel or in a friend’s home staying overnight?

What if you had access to your favorite movies? Websites? Music? Other media? And better yet, what if you could as easily flip through the channels and find what you’re interested in watching as you could look up information on the very condition that brought you to the hospital to see what you could do to get back on your feet faster?

HCI more than makes this possible. With our hospital grade TVs powered by Android technology, you have the ability to provide access to all of this and more when it comes to serving your patients.
HCI’s televisions are the only one of its kind. Its features are top of the line and include:

  • Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth built in
  • Infection control design
  • Durable, cleanable safety glass screen
  • Whispering wall inductive speakers
  • Capacitive touch keypad
  • Universal pillow speaker design
  • Remote Update Capability
  • Video Conferencing Capable with optional webcam
  • Simple, One Step Patient Data Wipe for HIPPA compliance
  • Provides patients, visitors, and staff with video, music, and more
  • Front keypad allows staff and visitors access without disturbing the patient
  • Easily accessible side inputs for accessories

Already have the televisions installed but wanting to still receive all the above and more. Learn more about our Android Set-top-box, the HUB.

So is your organization ready to take the next step in making it possible for your patients to more fully engage in their health—their healthcare through innovative tools such as the interactive patient care TV and more?

Talk to HCI today to learn more about how we can help you get on your way to doing so.