A home-like experience for patients is possible with interactive devices and ready access to information through HCI's MediaCare.

How is your hospital organization working to get patients fully engaged in their own health and engaged in their lasting recovery? Have you considered tools that could be the very solution to get patients to be connected and passionate about taking care of themselves?

We know hospitals. Most of the time when you’re in one, you really don’t want to be there. Reminders that we all break down, experience suffering and sometimes loss are simply facts of life that we’d like to think about less if we have the option. Being away from home, uncertain and missing our regular routines can be unsettling. You’re not thinking about being engaged with your care, you just want to be home.

There’s a Better Way

But what if while you were in the hospital and you felt almost as comfortable as you might in a hotel or in a staying overnight in friend’s home ?

What if you had access to your favorite movies? Websites? Music? Other media? And better yet, what if you could easily flip through TV channels and find what you’re interested in watching, or look up information on the very condition that brought you to the hospital to see what you could do to get back on your feet faster? How could you feel more engaged in your care?

HCI BedMate Tablet TVs combine convenience, functionality and interactive, touch screen capabilities for patients and staff for more engaged, involved patients.

HCI makes has the answers. With our hospital-grade interactive bedside and mounted TVs, healthcare providers have the ability to provide access to all of this and more.

With MediaCare, our enterprise-wide interactive patient care platform, patients can access their condition, medication and treatment information right in their room. They can request non-clinical services through their interactive whiteboard or TV functions, or order meals based on their physician’s orders. Access to the Internet, including streaming games or movies, podcasts and relaxation content are all available through HCI Interactive Patient Care.

Bedside Meal Ordering through MediaCare
HCI BedMate patient TVs for hospitals and healthcare settings are designed for infection control.
HCI Interactive BedMate Tablet TVs support engaged patients by providing high-quality educational content for better health literacy.

Multiple, Scalable Functionality:

  • Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth built in
  • Infection control design with durable, cleanable safety glass screens
  • “Whispering wall” inductive speakers
  • Capacitive, haptic touchscreens
  • Universal pillow speaker design for in-room TVs
  • Remote update capability to free IT staff from individual device updates
  • Video Conferencing with family and friends
  • Simple, one-step patient data wipe for HIPAA compliance
  • Access to social networks and health education content
  • Self-service options for non-clinical services
  • Easily accessible side inputs for personal devices
Social Channel access on HCI's BedMate Tablet TV, providing Android apps for higher patient satisfaction

Many Options, Scalable Choices

Does your facility already have patient televisions installed but you’re planning for an integrated platform? Learn more about our scalable, flexible Android Set-top-box, the HUB.

Is your organization ready to take the next step in making it possible for your patients to be more fully engage in their healthcare? MediaCare has the features you’re looking for.

MediaCare is an enterprise-wide, integrated patient care platform for better patient outcomes and higher levels of staff optimization. For more engaged patients, MediaCare offers flexible, integrated options.

We welcome a conversation so you can see for yourself how MediaCare supports your patient care goals. Schedule a virtual demo today!