Interactive Entertainment Options: Patient Satisfaction with Choice and Variety

Entertainment options for hospitalized patients need to go beyond offering television services only.

Social Channel access on HCI's BedMate Tablet TV, providing Android apps for higher patient satisfaction and better entertainment options.

What if you had the capability to offer your patients entertainment options including access to music, social media platforms, games, movies on-demand and streaming, internet access, games, social network connection and more?

HCI provides a complete range of interactive devices to do just that.

Future-proofing the Patient Experience

HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions encompass a range of touch-enabled, digital whiteboards, tablets and patients TVs with entertainment options, designed for infection control and with the aim of improving patient engagement. With enterprise integration, providers can realize improved workflow, higher staff satisfaction and lower operating costs.

Due to constant changes in the healthcare industry and evolving requirements for a deeper patient experience, the HCI integrated Interactive Patient Care solution was developed for now and the for the future. We can provide your facility a long-term solution that will impact patient satisfaction and engagement from day one with a wide range of entertainment options.

HCI electronic hospital whiteboards provide a high ROI compared to dry erase boards.

For the Care Team and hospital administrators, the Interactive Patient Care solution uses an enterprise-wide platform with integrated digital interactive whiteboards, footwall televisions and in-room, personal bedside televisions, so that patient care can take on a new level of comprehensive management. These devices record all patient activities for rounding and care into the EHR, and pull information from existing systems like RTLS, LDAP, ADT, PAC and EVS to display accurate patient vital statistics, room status, staff movement and more. At the same time, integrated entertainment options provide patients with a wide range of activities to divert them from what can be a challenging situation.

Apps Provide an Endless Array of Entertainment Options

Integrated technologies offer patients a full range of care information and entertainment options for health education, entertainment options and discharge planning.

These solutions offer an endless number of apps that can be downloaded on these devices. Our BedMate televisions went through extensive research to be able to provide the best product for dialysis centers, infusion centers, and other healthcare settings where patients may be immobile for long periods. For entertainment options and educational content, BedMate TVs have a high level of performance and functionality through MediaCare, our enterprise suite, and have personal device ports for streaming, social platforms, gaming, viewing options and music. Patients can order meals or place service requests, complete surveys and watch important health education content. In addition to having a fluid, multi-touch interface with HD resolution, the device’s infection control design makes it safe, durable and easy to clean. Menus are easy to read and navigate from the Nurse Call pillow speaker. Braille and “Sip/Puff” options are available for those with non-traditional access to the devices.

HCI Interactive, touch-enabled hospital whiteboards create a loop of collaborative patient care.

Push Messaging and Interactive Education

Room Mate footwall televisions have interactive functionality that can receive push messaging, service requests direct to intra-facility departments, satisfaction surveys, facility notifications, pharmacy fulfillment and patient education in the form of digital video, assigned from the in-room Interactive Patient Whiteboard or the Interactive Unit Whiteboard, which is monitored from the central Nurse’s Station. The Interactive Hall Whiteboard acts as digital patient room signage to display HIPAA-compliant room status. The HUB Set Top Box allows you to turn any TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV, which can then offer all of the entertainment options and patient interactivity of the BedMate TV. Combined with entertainment options and educational content, patients have access to their care and treatment data, while staff have a higher degree of collaboration.

Request your personalized virtual demo and allow us to show you the full range of capabilities of the Interactive Patient Care solution that work best for your patients and your Care Teams.