Keeping a patient entertained needs to go beyond offering just television services. What if you had the capability to offer your patients access to music, social media platforms, games, movies on-demand, internet and so much more? Well, the worry is over – we have the answer for you!

Due to constant changes in the healthcare industry and the revolving patient experience our solution was developed for today and tomorrow. We can provide your facility a long-term solution that will impact patient satisfaction and engagement from day one. No other platform provides this level of flexibility – we can guarantee that!

HCI has made this possible by building our devices on the Android OS platform. When you switch over to Android you open the door for an endless amount of apps that can be downloaded on the device. Our BedMate devices went through extensive research to be able to provide the best product for dialysis centers, infusion centers, and other healthcare facilities. This low voltage swing arm television offers a level of performance and functionality that is unmatched. In addition to having a fluid, multi-touch interface with HD resolution, the device’s infection control design makes it safe, durable and is easy to clean.

Learn more about this product and sign up for a live demo here! No need for low voltage swing arm televisions view our other solutions!