Digital patient education in healthcare operations requires using technology tools to empower patients with all the information they need to make their best treatment and lifestyle decisions. Patients are more likely to adhere to treatment and discharge plans when they receive educational content in a familiar and non-intimidating form, like video in small increments that’s easy to understand. Using digital video content, you can provide patients with interactive capabilities that include a full array of learning content to make sure they understand their conditions, treatments, discharge instructions and medications.

HCI will work with you to determine the most effective health education program for your facility.
Patient education from HCI can be pushed to patients via MediaCare for immediate viewing.

The key value of digital education is that patients experience a higher level of adherence and fewer readmission events.

For comprehensive learning, MediaCare works in tandem with a patient’s Interactive Patient Whiteboard and touchscreen television to give clinicians full flexibility to make appropriate changes to a patient’s assigned learning content. We work with the most authoritative sources in patient education. Content is delivered in small easy-to-understand “bites”, but without oversimplifying the subject or patronizing the viewer.

If a clinician determines that a patient could benefit from additional or different content, they can manage that with the video library integrated through the EHR. The platform is designed to monitor and track viewing of assigned digital educational content. Once a patient has completed their assigned education, MediaCare will automatically note completion in the patient’s medical record. Robust reporting tools deliver data tailored to both clinicians and administrators so that usage, type of content how content is assigned creates a record of content stored with patient data for CMS and other reimbursement reporting.


Communication for Comprehensive Patient Education

Comprehensive patient education reduces readmissions and lowers operating costs. Using interactive whiteboards and interactive, Android-based patient televisions, MediaCare provides robust reporting on patient compliance and gives healthcare facilities the opportunity to push educational, surveys and other content directly to patients. By leveraging patient surveys, you can help reduce staff task saturation and measure the service and outcomes you are providing your patients. All issues can be addressed before they have escalated and step in for service recovery. Once the patient completes the survey, you can see real-time results through your MediaCare Dashboard. Digital educational content and surveys prepare patients for the transition from hospital to home care and is part of a comprehensive discharge plan.

We work with you to determine the most effective digital patient education plan for your facility and your patient demographics. We can integrate within your existing patient education program or recommend a new digital solution. Schedule a virtual demo to learn more.