Hospitals have been investing in technology designed to provide patient comfort, entertainment, and distraction in their quest to improve the overall patient experience. Often forgotten however is the person in the patient room most likely to have the time, desire, and ability to take advantage of this technology – the visitor! Ask most visitors and they will tell you that having access to TV, movies, games, or the internet would be a welcome respite during the hours their loved one is asleep or out of the room.

Many hospitals admit that patient surveys, whose results can have a direct impact on reimbursement and public perception, are being completed by a loved one or friend and not the patient. Therefore, it stands to reason that a hospital needs to be attentive to the needs of visitors when it comes to providing technology that enhances the overall “patient/visitor” experience. In doing so, all the patient room stakeholders, the patient, visitor, and hospital, stand to benefit.

What if you could answer all the demands from your patients and visitors with one simple device – the great news is you can! Our RoomMate Television is built on the Android OS and our software seamlessly integrates with it, giving both the user and administrator a breadth of functionality that has never been seen before. Since Android is an open platform, it is easy to create custom apps designed specifically for your facility and patient needs. When you combine the RoomMate Television with our Interactive Patient Care software the options you can provide are endless. We have even developed our own CareApps to advance the patient experience and take it a whole new level.

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