Patient Outcomes Enhanced with Interactive Technology

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Patient outcomes can be significantly enhanced with the implementation of interactive technology that offers educational content, entertainment and opportunities to connect with loved ones.

A hospital, even at the best of times, can be a lonely and frightening place. Patients have limited contact with friends and family and can feel isolated, relying on visitors or staff for information, news or companionship. They may feel anxiety, stress or boredom and need methods they can use to relax for better rest and healing.

Staying Connected

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Help your patients stay connected with HCI’s Interactive Patient Care solutions: Digital Interactive Whiteboards and  RoomMate and BedMate televisions. In addition, the HCI HUB Set Top Box connects your existing televisions and convert any TV into a smart television through an HDMI port. HCI interactive technology solutions for better patient outcomes engage, educate and entertain in a scalable, customizable and cost-effective platform. With the Interactive Telemedicine Module, patients can connect directly with their physician without having the leave their bed, and the Family and Friends Connect Module offers an opportunity for face-to-face connection via video conferencing for news, updates and encouragement.

For a patient in a hospital, the entertainment solution we offer can be much more than just a television: it can represent friends, family, the outside world, and control over their hospitalization.  Our Interactive Patient Care solutions provide a home-like experience while focusing on the facility’s goals for desired patient outcomes. Using HCI interactive products, patients can:

HCI, interactive whiteboard, digital whiteboard, patient whiteboard, hospital whiteboard, hospital tv, interactive tv, relaxation, patient outcomes, patient entertainment, patient engagement
  • Watch their favorite programs
  • Educate themselves on their condition, treatment and discharge plan
  • Email or message family and friends
  • Access the hospital’s library of movies or educational videos
  • Identify hospital care staff by picture and name
  • Check the latest headlines and the weather
  • Surf the Internet and connect to streaming apps, games and music
  • Select relaxation or soothing music programs to ease anxiety and stress

Happier Patients and More Efficient Workflow

Education, comprehension testing and satisfaction surveys are automated through MediaCare, our enterprise-wide integration platform, to reduce staff task saturation and reduce clinical burnout. Results are accessible via MediaCare’s Administration dashboard, allowing facilities to monitor patient experience, educational viewing and alerts. Service recovery is made simple with MediaCare’s automated notifications and reporting. Powerful individual and aggregated reporting in MediaCare is customizable to better manage fiscal and human resources. 

Transform the way you deliver care with an all-in-one interactive solution that provides patients with the entertainment and education options that support their recovery, help them adapt more readily to the hospital experience and be better prepared for discharge.

Leveraging HCI interactive tools provides the opportunity to better manage, measure, document and analyze the quality of care and supports the best patient outcomes. 

Contact us to schedule a brief demo to experience how HCI can support the best patient outcomes with an engaging system of patient entertainment and education.