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Operational Efficiency with RTLS

For healthcare providers, operational efficiency begins with having measurable data on patient care. Implementing a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) provides a positive impact for healthcare facilities by monitoring staff movement and rounding, with details on how much time is dedicated to each patient. In tandem with MediaCare, HCI’s enterprise-wide integration platform and HCI’s line of Digital Whiteboards, implementing an RTLS system can benefit your facility to support more informed decision-making for resource allocation and financial planning.

HCI, operational efficiency, RTLS, interactive whiteboards, digital whiteboard, patient whiteboard, hospital whiteboard, hospital tv, patient safety, patient engagement, care team

RTLS is a powerful tool that helps to increase facility efficiency and saves valuable staff time by eliminating the need for staff to enter their rounding information manually into a segregated system or on paper. By automating this process, staff can focus on what is most important – the patient and quality of care. KLAS research shows that healthcare facilities which have integrated an RTLS solution have seen a 95% increase in operational efficiency.

HCI, operational efficiency, interactive whiteboard, digital whiteboard, patient whiteboard, hospital whiteboard, hospital tv, HCI tv, patient safety, rounding

With RTLS and HCI’s Interactive Patient Care solutions, staff entry and exit are displayed on the Interactive Hall Whiteboard in the corridor, so it’s immediately clear when a Care Team or staff member is in the room. The Interactive Patient Whiteboard in the patient’s room reflects staff entry/exit, and rounding notes can be entered digitally on the touchscreen and recorded in the EMR. Next and last rounding times are displayed so patients and their caregivers, and other members of the Care Team have an immediate view of staff patient care events. The Interactive Unit Whiteboard at the central nursing station reflects visitor restrictions and staff movement in and out of the room and gives real-time data on how long a Care Team or facility staff member spent with the patient. With RTLS, facilities can review the data to ensure that rounding was completed, even if the patient was not alert. Once an RTLS system is integrated with the HCI digital whiteboard system, healthcare providers have a platform to monitor the quality of care, manage human and fiscal resources, and increase patient and visitor satisfaction for higher HCAHPS scores.

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