When patients use MediaCARE to order meals, their satisfaction grows, your staff saves time, your expenses decrease, and have a reduction in food waste.

When patients place an order using their pillow speaker control, HCI’s interactive patient care technology seamlessly interfaces with existing systems used by the hospital’s dietary services department.  Streamlining this process gives the patient control and frees up caregivers. Caregivers are then able to focus solely on providing compassionate care.

Your account services manager will make sure your implementation supports key functions:

  • Identity is first authenticated for HIPAA compliance to ensure the correct diet is displayed
  • Menu options displayed to reflect the patient’s therapeutic dietary restrictions
  • Educational messaging and nutritional summaries keep patients informed and complement existing nutritional counseling
  • Advance ordering allows patients to order up to three meals in advance
  • Visitors can order and pay for meals directly through MediaCARE
  • Restrictions can be set to limit the number of menu items ordered

By utilizing an in-room dining feature, your facility can improve dietary efficiencies, help patients better understand their meal choices and give your hospital a new source of revenue.

Reach out to us today and see firsthand how this can be implemented into your healthcare facility!!