Clear Communication Helps Service Satisfaction

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It’s important for hospitals reduce service recovery times by making sure a clear line of communication is always kept open between patients, care providers, and service professionals.This can impact reimbursements based on patient referrals and HCAHPS scores. With MediaCare, non-medial patient requests are directed to the fulfillment provider, allowing for deeper patient communication, more satisfied patients and higher HCAHPS ratings.

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When patients use MediaCare and Service Apps to request services, such as room cleaning or temperature control, their requests are routed directly to the correct department, bypassing the need for a clinician to get involved in the process. This reduces staff burnout by directing nonclinical tasks away from the Care Team and gives them the opportunity to focus on quality and consistency of care. Android™-based Service Apps speed up delivery of hospital services by sending patient requests directly to where their request will be processed quickly and efficiently.

Measure and Monitor Service Requests for Better Staff and Fiscal Management

When patient requests are channeled through HCI Service Apps and Care Apps, administrators can better understand where staffing or other resources may be needed with customizable reporting. MediaCare offers a variety of reporting capabilities to help:

HCI, interactive whiteboard, digital whiteboard, patient whiteboard, hospital whiteboard, patient reporting, service request, patient satisfaction, patient engagement
  • Establish and measure service benchmarks to meet facility goals.
  • Supports recognizing and rewarding exceptional staff performance. 
  • Highlight areas for improvement that can be addressed immediately.
  • Give hospital leadership the ability to measure and manage turnaround time.
  • Address service recovery issues immediately.

Streamline Productivity

The HCI Request and Care Apps help identify specific areas that can benefit from operational improvement. 

  • MediaCare supports an unlimited number of Categories for Service Requests and can be fully customized with branding, custom colors and logos.
  • MediaCare provides additional data for administrators to determine staffing levels, budgeting requirements and supply or product inventories.
  • MediaCare offers opportunities to customize Apps to direct patients and visitors to retail spaces within a healthcare facility for direct ordering and purchase.
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Gift Shop App

Using the Gift Shop App, patients or their caregivers can shop via the in-room television or Interactive Whiteboard by placing an order directly with the gift shop or other retail spaces.  

Cafeteria App

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The Cafeteria App provides a convenient service for patients, by offering the ability for them to access cafeteria or other foodservice menus and order directly from their room. This can reduce labor and streamline ordering processes to ensure meals are accurate and safe for the patient. 

Your HCI account management team will help you leverage the full capabilities of our Service Request and Care Apps to measure and manage the functions that matter most to you and will deliver the most immediate positive impact.

Contact us for a virtual demo to experience the many ways MediaCare and our Interactive tools can help you increase patient satisfaction and streamline processes for your staff to increase your bottom line.