According to Pharmacy Times, 30 percent of first-time prescriptions are abandoned by patients and thus not picked up at the pharmacy. Patients’ failure to fill the prescription or failure on being adequately educated of their medications can lead to an increase in readmissions. In return, this can affect your HCAHPS scores negatively.  To help resolve this issue before discharge a healthcare facility could implement Pharmacy Fulfillment.

By providing Pharmacy Fulfillment you give the patients the opportunity to have their prescriptions filled before discharge and save them a visit from having to stop at the pharmacy. Along with the convenience, a patient can get one-on-one counseling with the pharmacy and have full knowledge of their prescription. All questions and concerns can be addressed before the patient leaves the facility. This service can increase the patient care, satisfaction and improves the facility’s post-discharge outcomes.

Implementing a bedside pharmacy fulfillment would reduce readmissions that represent a significant expense for healthcare facilities.  This is only one of many features HCI can implement into your patient engagement and entertainment solution. Request a 90-day trial today for your facility and see your facilities statistics have a positive increase!