Android Media Apps for Patient Engagement

HCI, android apps, hospital retail, interactive whiteboard, digital whiteboard, hospital whiteboard, patient whiteboard, HCI tv, hospital tv, patient TV, hospital InternetAndroid media apps provide a powerful set of engagement tools for patients, to alleviate stress and boredom, connect with family or caregivers and obtain educational content about their condition and treatment. Most healthcare facilities start engaging the patient upon admittance, but to be truly patient-centric, engagement should begin the moment they enter the building. While patient care is the primary concern for healthcare providers, ensuring satisfaction in entertainment has a significant impact on patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores. Most patients are restricted to stay in their bed and are restricted from leaving their room. Patients end up with  many hours to find some sort of entertainment. Patients want to have entertainment options at their fingertips with the familiarity of home apps and devices.

Scalable, Flexible and Cost-Effective

HCI integrated, interactive patient care solutions scale to your needs, today and tomorrow. MediaCare provides your facility a long-term solution that positively impacts patient satisfaction and provides patient education from day one. No other patient engagement and entertainment provider can match MediaCare’s level of flexibility and scalability. Connected Interactive Whiteboards offer an additional layer of in-room patient options for searching and using apps that will support their recovery. The HCI Friends and Family Connect Module on our Interactive Whiteboards offers patients and opportunity for video conferencing with family, friends and other people in their circle of care to provide connection, updates and reassurance.

MediaCare utilizes solutions based on the Android platform and open the door to access endless third-party apps to ensure patients HCI, android media apps, hospital cafeteria, interactive whiteboard, digital whiteboard, patient whiteboard, hospital whiteboard, patient satisfaction, service, recovery, apps, clinical burnoutcan find the social platforms, movies, games, music and relaxation content they want and that can help them relive stress.Just a few of the features using our system, built on Android, can provide patients:

  • Internet access  for streaming apps.
  • Access to popular email providers and social media platforms.
  • Access to Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV and other similar apps, downloaded to patient in-room interactive devices for patients to access with their own log-in credentials.
  • Educational content to learn more about conditions, treatments and medications for better health literacy and discharge planning.
  • In-facility ordering direct to room from retail spaces, such as Cafeteria, Gift Shop, Pharmacy and more.
  • Service request apps for comfort requests.

Schedule a brief online or in-person demo to experience how HCI can help you raise patient satisfaction scores and provide patients with options for better recovery through education.