Keeping a patient educated should not just be on their diagnosis, but also the medicine they are prescribed. Lack of knowledge on prescriptions can cause:

  • Increased progression of the disease
  • Increased time in the hospital
  • Additional doctor and emergency room visits
  • Increased costs for hospital

These causes can be yielded if there is an option for the patient to be able to educate themselves at a time that fits their schedule.  HCI has developed an app that can do this and so much more. The patient can quickly identify drugs and medications, including pill identifying pictures. Patients who acquire additional information on their prescriptions can find:

  • A full description of their medicines
  • Educational videos
  • Side effects, warnings and informational pictures

Along with improving patient education, this app will increase your staff’s workflow and give your staff more time to focus on the quality of care they are providing.  In summary, the patient will have the appropriate knowledge to keep them at ease and help to prevent unnecessary revisits to the hospital once they are discharged.