Meet HCI’s new 32” All Digital Touchscreen Whiteboard. Our new whiteboard has everything that made our original Interactive Whiteboard great. Able to communicate with RTLS, EMR, and Nurse Call systems, it automatically updates needed information. It also includes important information like the protocols, nurse notes, and the care team modules. The whiteboard can update the patient as well by communicating with the patient about the care team and their visiting schedule. Like all of our products, it’s fully customizable to match facility brand guidelines and needs.

The new whiteboard is a lightweight device that is easy to install with a sleek black design and has full touchscreen capabilities. The top half of the tablet screen contains the fully customizable layout. All the important information is fed from our software MediaCare. Able to connect with all the HCI products and already installed systems, it continues to make the most integrated patient room to date.

The bottom half of the tablet can be written on with the touch of a finger. This allows the care team to continue to write handwritten notes to the patient. Once the note is irrelevant the content is easy to delete. Furthermore, the new whiteboard will be available in sizes up to 80”. This is our most customizable product to date.

Contact HCI to learn more about the 32” Digital Whiteboard or learn about HCI here.