Pharmacy Times reports that 30 percent of first-time hospital prescriptions are abandoned by patients and thus are not picked up.

Pharmacy fulfillment of prescribed treatment medications prior to discharge from a hospital or healthcare facility is vital to a patient’s successful recovery.  A HCI, Interactive, EMR, EHR, ADT, Discharge, Prescription, Rx, Fulfillment, App, pharmacypatients’ failure to fill a prescription or failure to be adequately educated about their medications can lead to an increase in readmissions, which can negatively impact your HCAHPS scores. To help lower readmissions and operating costs, healthcare facilities can implement Pharmacy Fulfillment with HCI’s MediaCare enterprise integration software, which is provided through the patient’s in-room television for customizable, searchable support apps.

Providing a Pharmacy Fulfillment app to discharging patients offers them the opportunity to have their prescriptions filled prior to discharge. This supports the patient with clear communication and information: it saves them from having to remember their prescription during what can sometimes be a hectic time, stop to have the prescription filled, and the patient may not receive or remember adequate or correct information about the medication, application or dosage.

Personal Attention and Better Health Literacy

Through the Pharmacy Fulfillment app, patients can choose to receive one-on-one counseling with a pharmacist and receive clear, complete and accurate pharmacy fulfillment, prescription, hospital prescription, HCI, HCI TV, Hospital grade television, HCI hospital TV, Healthcare technology, Healthcare solutions, Patient Engagement, Patient Satisfaction, Patient Education, Patient Safety, Lower Operating Costs, HCAHPS, CMS, RTLS, EMR, EHR, ADT, Hub, BedMate, Interactive Hall Whiteboard, RoomMate, Digital Whiteboard, Interactive Whiteboard,, Android Integration, Nurse Call System, Health-Key Keyboard, Task Saturation, Decreased Readmissions, Interactive Patient Care, Patient Satisfaction, Ambulatory, Digital Health, Health Information Technology, Health Technology, Clinical Workflow, Patient Safety, Healthcare Communication, Acute Care Nurse Call information about their prescription, its proper dosage and any side effects. All questions and concerns can be addressed before the patient leaves the facility. This service can increase patient care, satisfaction and improves the facility’s post-discharge outcomes. Armed with knowledge about correct medication treatment and application, patients and families are empowered to stick to the treatment plan, avoiding emergency room visits, crisis events or a readmission to the hospital.

Readmissions represent a significant expense for healthcare facilities. Implementing HCI’s bedside Pharmacy Fulfillment app reduces readmissions, streamlines workflow and supports patients in their full recovery. The app can work in tandem with our Rx Search app, allowing patients or their families to search for and identify their specific medication prior to discharge. As part of a complete patient engagement and entertainment solution, request a demo today and learn how to raise your facility’s HCAHPS satisfaction scores, secure CMS reimbursements and reduce operating costs.