The Key to Better Outcomes

The RoomMate TV is HCI’s hospital-grade, in-room patient television. In tandem with MediaCare, our enterprise-wide integration software, the RoomMate is a fully customizable and fully integrated device for patient content and data reporting. 

Most importantly, RoomMate TVs are an intuitive, familiar device that help patients feel more at home, with access to familiar streaming services, apps, messaging and games.

This type of entertainment diversion can have a positive impact on a patient’s sense of well-being under trying circumstances, and provides family/caregivers an opportunity for involvement in treatment plans and schedules. Offer patients relaxation content on their RoomMate to help them rest and attain pain or stress-relief goals.

HCI's RoomMate TV is a versatile but familiar footwall TV, allowing patients to access your entertainment content, educational information and data about their care.

Better Health Literacy

MediaCare can push customizable educational content to the RoomMate, and offers access to an endless library of educational content. Patients can learn about their treatment and medications through pushed or prescribed educational videos. This empowers them to be fully involved with their care and have a higher level of health literacy, avoiding readmission or trips to the emergency room post-stay. This can provide a sense of satisfaction with their treatment, which in turn could help to raise HCAHPS scores.

Patient education with the RoomMate hospital TV gives patients an opportunity for greater health literacy and is customizable for your internal content.
The RoomMate patient TV and MediaCare allow patients and their family caregivers to search medications to ensure they've received the right prescriptions.

CareApps for patient comfort and support, like Service Request, Messaging, Rx Search and Pharmacy Fulfillment, creating a communication conduit between patients and their Care Team. In addition, facility and scheduling updates or notifications can be set to flash across the screen in a way that is noticeable to the patient but doesn’t intrude on their current viewing activities, even if the TV is off.

The RoomMate and MediaCare are connected to EHR, RTLS, Nurse Call and other intra-hospital systems, allowing the RoomMate to keep patients up to date about current scheduling and their Care Team. Robust, customizable reporting options provide insight into content preferences, peak viewing periods and service requests to aid in staffing and reduce task saturation.

CareApps from HCI offer patients options for self-service for nonclinical requests, with options for customizable fulfillment.

Fully Customizable

Configure the RoomMate patient TV with an onboarding patient portal, that patients or family caregivers can use throughout their stay.

The home screen on the RoomMate TV is customizable to your brand, and each home screen can be created to fit the needs of each individual patient. The Care Team can choose different age-appropriate entertainment options for each patient, and the staff can edit the channel guide to specific tastes or requests. Colors, fonts, scroll speed, and font size are changeable to aid patients with differing needs, and providers can make a Patient Portal available for more comprehensive onboarding at Admittance. Since MediaCare provides remote network updates from a single IT department or Data Center, updating all connected televisions makes upgrades, updates and configuration hassle-free.

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