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MediaCare Provides Complete Interactive Patient Care

For both patients and healthcare facilities, it’s all about positive, healthy outcomes; getting patients the proper care, education, and information during their stay to equip them properly in their recovery process. Providing a positive stay experience and understanding a patient’s role in maintaining their health and wellbeing. Interactive patient engagement technology is critical to accurately recording progress during their stay, planning for discharge and ensuring they have the education they need to avoid a readmission.

Interactive patient care technology provides opportunities for healthcare and long term care facilities to educate, communicate and entertain while providing the proper clinical tools to more efficiently manage, measure and document consistency and quality of care. Many facilities run disparate systems and lack the ability to tie the information together for the most effective result.

HCI’s MediaCare platform approaches patient engagement differently. Suitable for all sizes and types of healthcare facilities, MediaCare is easily scalable to fit into a small Critical Access Facility or Dialysis clinic to an extensive, multi-facility hospital or Long Term Care system. Focused on positively impacting patient care and outcomes, MediaCare directly communicates with existing facility infrastructure, including Nurse Call, RTLS, LADP and the EHR system. Teamed with our Digital Whiteboards, Android-based televisions and HUB Set Top Boxes, MediaCare is a cost-effective, scalable integration platform structured to:

  • Increase CMS reimbursements
  • Improve patient satisfaction to raise HCAHPS scores
  • Decrease readmissions
  • Facilitate and promote positive patient engagement and advance patient-centered care
  • Document patient interactions and staff communication to measure facility performance
  • Identify service recovery opportunities and resolve them before discharge
  • Give patients and their stakeholders a range of choices and options for involvement and reporting on their care
  • Reduce non-clinical task and alert saturation through process flow automation
  • Provide educational content and comprehension monitoring for better health literacy
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MediaCare can automatically provide patients prescribed education, comprehension testing based on diagnosis, medication, prescribed procedures and clinical orders. HCI’s fully integrated platform is completely customizable to work with custom internal content and leading healthcare education providers. Request your demo today and learn how MediaCare and our interactive solutions suite can support your short- and long-term patient, staff and facility goals.