Swing-Arm Televisions with Touchscreen Control Offer Interactive Features and Infection Control

Having worked with thousands of dialysis and infusion clinics around the country, we understand the needs and demands of their clients. Our vision is to help make treatments less challenging by offering healthcare providers the HCI BedMate Tablet TV which provides patients with a wide variety of entertainment options including television, movies, music, games, streaming, videoconferencing, telemedicine and Internet browsing.

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HCI’s BedMate Tablet TVs combine intelligent design with infection control, including a steel halo so the patient can adjust the TV to an optimum viewing angle while undergoing treatments. The touch-enabled Tablet TV has rounded corners for safety, and the exclusive, sturdy gas strut Outreach Arm is silent, with no pinch points and hidden cabling. Navigating menus is easy and intuitive, like using a smartphone, and the screen supports up to 4K resolution. The infection control design is easy to clean with hospital-grade recommended disinfectants. An ultra-reliable Haptic Touch, capacitive touchscreen surface is designed to withstand heavy usage and is sensitive to weak fingers and the use of latex gloves. The BedMate Tablet’s antimicrobial ABS Polymer shell protects patients and staff from viral load and the screen has a dazzling high resolution display, with personal device ports to allow patients to connect their own devices, making treatments or hospitalization a more personal, less frustrating experience.

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With a built-in 2 megapixel camera, speakers and microphone, the BedMate Tablet TV becomes a conduit for direct-to-patient videoconferencing between the Care Team and the patient. This video communication supports optimized workflows by allowing a Unit Secretary or Charge Nurse to dispatch the appropriate personnel to respond to a patient’s non-clinical request, like emptying trash, finding an extra blanket or adjusting room temperature. In the age of COVID, Nurses can respond to non-emergency patient Nurse Calls via video with the Nurse Call Companion, keeping everyone safe without entering the patient’s room to conserve PPE supplies. As needed, patients may need to schedule telemedicine visits with physicians, therapists or support groups – all possible through the video options on the BedMate Tablet.

Tailored Apps for Higher Satisfaction

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The Swing Arm Television BedMate Tablet runs on the Android operating system – a secure but open platform, so it’s easy to create custom apps designed specifically for your facility and patient needs. We’ve developed our own CareApps to advance the patient experience and take it to a whole new level for higher satisfaction, which can increase your HCAPS scores and help secure reimbursements. CareApps include bedside Meal Ordering, facility retail shopping (Gift Shop) and Service Requests. With BedMate Tablet low-voltage swing-arm TVs, you can provide patients with better communication, patient education and entertainment for more successful patient outcomes. When paired with MediaCare, our enterprise integration platform, the BedMate Tablet TV supports workflow optimization, potentially saving Nurses and clinicians thousands of steps annually, which translates to higher productivity and better care delivery. With MediaCare, providers can reduce the possibility of readmission by prescribing educational content to be viewed on the BedMate Tablet TV. Patients can watch their prescribed content and with a touch to the screen, indicate the content has been viewed.

HCI Interactive BedMate Tablet Tv with Patient Care apps through MediaCare are Swing Arm Televisions with powerful patients apps

Interactive BedMate Tablet TVs:

  • Fit existing HCI Outreach Arms and can be mounted on existing wall and counter mounts.
  • Have the ability to lock in place for safe, simple storage and easy access and cleaning. Outreach Arms have hidden wire guides and a choice of cable bushing sizes in power supply mounts.
  • Come out of the box with power supplies that include wall mounting brackets and materials which easily connect to Outreach arms.
  • Pair with MediaCare to provide a powerful platform for patient support and workflow optimization.

We welcome a conversation about how HCI patient-centric technology provides a flexible and future-proof platform to give your patients a better experience during their care. Request your personalized virtual or in-person demo today.