Bedside Meal Ordering Made Simpler for Patients

HCI, bedside meal, digital whiteboard, electronic whiteboard, interactive whiteboard, hospital whiteboard, patient whiteboard, patient electronic whiteboard, patient digital whiteboard, patient interactive whiteboard, patient hospital whiteboard, interactive tv, HCI tv, hospital tv, patient tv, patient engagement, patient education, patient safety, patient entertainment, bedside ordering, patient mealBedside meal ordering in a healthcare facility can sometimes be frustrating and confusing for patients. By providing them the opportunity to order meals directly from their room, you can help them follow any clinician-recommended therapeutic dietary guidelines and support dietary education while offering them a range of options and choices to make the process easier. With bedside interactive meal ordering from HCI, staff is freed from nonclinical tasks and fulfillment is handled directly by the foodservice provider.

When patients place a meal order using their Pillow Speaker control and interactive TV, HCI’s Interactive Patient Care solutions seamlessly interface with existing systems used by the hospital’s dietary services department or foodservice provider. The interactive meal app is powered by the Android© operating system, and can be customized to include pictures of selections and confirmation of orders with payment options – all tied directly to the patient’s EHR to ensure their food choices don’t contradict physician guidelines.

HCI, bedside meal, patient meal, android media apps, retail apps, retail apps, hospital cafeteria, interactive whiteboard, electronic whiteboard, digital whiteboard, patient whiteboard, hospital whiteboard, patient satisfaction, service, recovery, apps, clinical burnoutYour HCI account services manager works with you to ensure your interactive meal ordering implementation supports key functions for a smooth patient experience:

  • Identity is first authenticated and employs HIPAA guidelines to ensure the correct diet is displayed and patient information is protected.
  • Menu options are displayed to reflect the patient’s therapeutic dietary restrictions.
  • Educational messaging and nutritional summaries keep patients informed and complement existing nutritional counseling.
  • Advance ordering allows patients to order up to three meals in advance.
  • Visitors can order and pay for meals directly through the app.
  • Restrictions can be set to limit the number of menu items ordered

By utilizing an in-room, bedside dining order feature in a patient’s hospital experience, you’re helping them have a sense of control over their hospitalization and encouraging their overall recovery, and providing access to additional retail opportunities. You can help improve patient dietary follow-through and support patients to have a better understanding of how their meal choices affect their condition and treatment. An added benefit for providers is generation of a new source of ancillary revenue and lower operating costs, with better control over procurement and food waste.

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