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CareApps: How Device Apps Support Patients  – and Your Staff

CareApps give you flexibility and opportunities for a better quality of care. It seems like every consumer marketplace has an app nowadays for anything you could want to do. As the demand for technology continues to grow, the availability of apps for handheld tablets, phones and laptops has become ubiquitous. Healthcare is no exception. As patients bring in more personal, handheld devices, they expect more flexibility with apps they can use during their hospitalization. There are telemedicine apps, wellness check apps, vital statistics apps, blood sugar apps – not to mention the social and entertainment apps a patient might choose to use during their stay – and the list goes on.

Innovation from the Start

HCI has always stood at the forefront of healthcare innovation. HCI introduced the first universal pillow speaker control and the first integrated patient TV media player. HCI was the first television manufacturer to bring Android TV to the healthcare market and we are disrupting the market with our Interactive Digital Whiteboards. We love challenges and rise to meet them. Interactive Module apps, including a COVID-19 patient status app, Telemedicine, Family and Friends videoconferencing and Image Viewer, which allows providers to pull patient scans directly from a patient’s EHR or PACS record, are just some of the innovative tools HCI offers healthcare providers to transform the way they deliver care.


HCI, careapps, patient apps, hospital apps, patient engagement, patient entertainment, patient educationWe developed patient and Care Team apps that run on the AndroidTM operating system to fit with the use of Android devices in healthcare facilities, which have transformed many aspects of clinical practice. We call them Care Apps and they can provide a flexible and future-proof platform to entertain, educate and inform patients, visitors and staff like never before. Our goal is to take each patient experience to the next level with consistency of care and choices for entertainment and service. With CareApps, IT departments can remotely connect, monitor, and control HCI devices. Working in tandem with HCI interactive TVs and Digital Whiteboards, you can offer patients a range of opportunities for connection and offer staff a smoother workflow. 

With HCI CareApps:
  • Care apps, Pharmacy fulfillment, HCI, HCI TV, Patient Engagement, Hospital grade television, Healthcare technology, Patient Satisfaction, Patient Education, Patient Safety, HCAHPS, Nurse CallEmploy the Push Messaging App to send instant messages or scroll tickers (i.e., “Fire Alarm Testing Monday at noon”) on the patient TV regardless of what the patient is watching, and even if the TV is turned off. Maintenance, Facility and other notifications can be pushed to the in-room patient TV to minimize disruption to rest or sleep schedules.
  • HCI, Careapps, patient apps, hospital apps, android apps, patient engagement, patient education, patient requestsProvide the Service Request App so non-clinical tasks can be automated and task saturation reduced with apps that let patients order from retail spaces in the facility, or place service requests for housekeeping or other comfort requests directly to the fulfillment provider, freeing the Care Team up to focus on quality patient care.
  • HCI, careapps, android apps, patient apps, hospital apps, patient engagement, patient educationEasily prescribe educational videos to the patient’s TV with the Patient Education App, sending reminders to complete assigned educational content and monitor completion. Follow prescribed educational content up with “Teach Back” techniques for consistent, comprehensive education.
    • If ADT integration within the healthcare facility is present, educational content is automatically populated in the prescribed area of HCI’s Patient Education App.
  • HCI, careapps, patient apps, hospital apps, patient safety, patient engagement, patient education, patient medication, medication errorsWith the Rx Search App, patients and staff can quickly and accurately identify drugs and medications, including pictures to identify medications and pills, and read side effects and warnings. Patients, their family/caregivers can ensure the medications fulfilled are correct to avoid medication errors or possible emergency events. Use the App to have the healthcare facility dispense prescribed medications before the patient leaves care at discharge.
  • HCI, careapps, patient education, patient satisfaction, patient engagement, hospital apps, android apps, healthcare apps, patient engagementUse the Patient Survey App to survey patients through on-demand or non-intrusive prompts to get near real-time feedback and opportunities for service recovery.
  • HCI, careapps, patient apps, hospital apps, secure data, clear data, hospital data, patient engagement, patient safetyThe Clear My Data App clears all personalized patient information off their television device at any given time to ensure that the patients’ health information is properly protected. Clear My Data can be scheduled to occur at a specific time, like at discharge, or securely cleared at will.
  • HCI, careapps, android apps, hospital apps, patients apps, patient engagementCafeteria, Gift Shop and Marketplace Apps provide a storefront or direct ordering from the patient’s room for convenience and preference  to increase ancillary retail revenue.

With HCI Care Apps, our integrated solution scales to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

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