Infection Control and What You Can Do

HCI, preventing infection, preventing hospital infection, infection control, HAI, infection control products, HCI tv, hospital tv, patient tv, patient safetyPreventing infection is a topic in the news daily, and in this challenging time of trying to manage the strain being placed on our heroic healthcare workers and the statistics around COVID-19, infection control in healthcare facilities is more vital than ever. With COVID-19 straining the limits of most healthcare systems worldwide, infection control methods and tools to support cleaning and disinfecting are being reexamined and updated. Until the disease is contained or a remedy is developed and distributed, we’re exposed in most common environments without proper protective equipment. This airborne illness can be found everywhere. It spreads easily and many people may be asymptomatic. Routine, consistent and thorough disinfection is key to flattening the curve.

High touch electronic surfaces can hold the virus for several days, and include tablets, touch screens, keyboards, remote controls, credit card keypads, ATM machines and similar high-touch devices. Cleaning touch-enabled surfaces thoroughly and with the right products is critical to lowering the viral load on inanimate surfaces to help stop the spread of infectious bacteria. The World Health Organization recommends ensuring “that environmental cleaning and disinfection procedures are followed consistently and correctly.” Following this advice and recommendation can help significantly in preventing infection.

Infection Control with Proper Cleaning

According to the Centers for Disease Control, correctly maintaining these types of devices in the time of COVID is a two-step process: Cleaning first, then HCI, infection control, preventing infection, hospital infection, patient safety, HCI tv, patient tv, hospital tv, COVIDdisinfecting the cleaned surfaces. When developing HCI products, our team focused on infection control and worked with several large hospital systems to make sure our products passed the cleaning test for reduction in communicable bacteria. For instance, our RoomMate Television series has a unique flat antimicrobial surface that can be cleaned and disinfected with hospital-grade cleaners for infection control purposes. The ultra-durable all-glass front is impervious to bacteria and resistant to damage. Those are two key features that every television needs in a hospital setting.

The RoomMate is one product in our Interactive Patient Care solutions line that supports preventing infection; in fact, all of our solutions are designed for infection control. HCI BedMate Swing Arm Televisions are designed for and ideal for use in infusion centers, and were specifically designed for their infection control surfaces, pinch-free gas strut operation and optimum viewing angles for patients who must remain still for an extended period during treatment.

HCI, infection control, preventing infection, patient safety, hospital infection, HAIs, infection control keyboard, healthkey keyboard, patient tv, hospital tv, hospital keyboardHCI Health-Key Keyboards are sealed to IP Water Resistant Standards and can be placed in a dishwasher for sterilization. The Model 3 Keyboard automatically alerts when cleaning is required after a specific number of touches, which can be adjusted in the settings. Created in collaboration with a major hospital for patient rooms, clinician workstations and labs, this feature-rich keyboard helps prevent the spread of contagious pathogens and is easy to set up, use and disinfect.

HCI Covid Module, infection control, HCI, interactive whiteboards, digital whiteboards, hospital whiteboards, patient whiteboards, hospital television, patient television, patient safety, Covid-19, Nurse CallFor an even more comprehensive level of quality care for those under hospitalization for COVID-19, HCI offers a COVID-19 Module on our Digital Whiteboards, displaying testing status, code status, protocols and patient vitals, outside the room on the Interactive Hall Whiteboard and inside the room on the Interactive Patient Whiteboard. At the Nurse’s Station, these patients can be monitored remotely at a glance by all staff on the Interactive Unit Whiteboard. For those patients requiring additional consultation, the Telemedicine Module allows clinicians, whether internal or external to the facility, the ability to video conference with confined patients.

Learn more about infection control and our Interactive support Modules, or schedule a brief online or in-person demo to experience how HCI can help you keep staff and patients safe.