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Preventing HAIs and infection in healthcare settings is vital. HCI cleanable touchscreen devices support your stringent efforts at lowering viral loads.

Infection Control and What You Can Do

Preventing infection is a daily topic in the news. While we’re all trying to manage the strain being placed on healthcare workers, infection control in healthcare facilities is more vital than ever. As we know, healthcare systems worldwide are being pushed to the limit. It makes sense that infection control methods to support cleaning and disinfecting are being updated. Without proper protective equipment, many people around the world are still at risk, since airborne illnesses can be found everywhere. Many people may be asymptomatic, so you can take steps to control spread by consistent and thorough disinfection.

Thorough Cleaning and Disinfection

High touch electronic surfaces hold pathogens for several days, but cleaning them with the right products reduces the viral load. The World Health Organization recommends making sure that “environmental cleaning and disinfection procedures are followed consistently and correctly.” Following this advice and the recommendations of other authoritative voices can help significantly to prevent infection.

Proper Cleaning is the Key

According to the Centers for Disease Control, maintaining these types of devices is a two-step process. Clean first, then disinfect the cleaned surfaces. When developing HCI products, our team focuses on infection control first. HCI works with several large hospital systems to make sure our products pass the cleaning test for reducing bacteria. For instance, our BedMate Tablet TVs have a flat, antimicrobial screen and shell that can be cleaned and disinfected with hospital grade cleaners. The ultra durable all glass front is impervious to bacteria and resists damage. Those are two key features that every television needs in a healthcare setting.

Infusion Center Support

Infection control BedMate Tablet TVs and Articulating Mounting Arms were specifically designed for use in infusion centers. Each has a fully cleanable outer shell, and the case is made of ABS Polymer for durability. Created for their infection control surfaces, they have the added benefit of optimum viewing angles for patients who must remain still for a long period. When they do need to touch the screen, you can assure them it’s clean.

Created in Collaboration with Healthcare Providers

HCI Health-Key Keyboards support infection prevention with unique features not offered by other manufacturers. Hospital keyboard, patient keyboard, research keyboard, infection control keyboard

HCI Health-Key Keyboards are sealed to IP Water Resistant Standards and can be placed in a dishwasher for sterilization. The Keyboards automatically alert when cleaning is required. You can change the alerts after a specific number of touches, and that is adjustable in the settings. They have lock buttons for the cleaning process and resist drops, cracks and spattering. Created in collaboration with a major hospital for patient rooms, workstations and labs, th feature rich keyboards help prevent the spread of bacteria. They’re easy to set up, use and disinfect. With HCI devices, both staff and patients stay safe from the risk of infection.

Learn how smart integration and infection control devices keep staff, patients and guests safer.