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Hospital reporting with smart integration improves efficiency

MediaCare parses your patient and facilities data for more informed reporting.

In a world where data often piles up without analysis or action, HCI MediaCare gives teams working on strategic solutions a new way to cut through the quantitative clutter. Fed through EHR, RTLS, Nurse Call and other healthcare systems, MediaCare reporting offers business intelligence for asset management.

If you participate in the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) “Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program” and QualityNet, MediaCare reporting can add to your data for a more comprehensive review.

Patients surveys provide important data about patient satisfaction.
MediaCare reporting from HCI gives insights into healthcare quality initiatives and Resource Management

With MediaCare, providers have a custom dashboard that provides vital real time patient data and historical data for trending purposes. Reports can segment service requests by category, such as dietary and EVS requests. You can use the dashboard to track trends, monitor overall service utilization and get an overview of patient needs. In addition, view requests made via the patient apps available through MediaCare. That specific or aggregated information creates opportunities to discover how to enhance the patient experience or improve quality programs.

Patient Education Dashboard

The Education Dashboard shows what prescribed content patients are viewing. The Unit Whiteboard, located at the Nurse’s Station, displays the percent of completed education content by patient. That allows clinicians to send reminders to complete prescribed education. This simple feature helps manage patient health literacy and supports patients to participate in their recovery.  

Examples of HCI patient Education push massage and reminder.

Push educational content, notifications and reminders via the Patient Whiteboard, directly to in-room televisions. That’s important because it saves time and reduces nonclinical activities for the Care Team.

Better decision making and asset management

Use patient alert data to reveal trends in patient room alerts. Feedback and service alert reports can be used to make the best use of nurse leader time during rounds. MediaCare can help identify which patients have issues, giving executives a list of areas where patient satisfaction may be lacking. Patient surveys, service requests and entertainment viewing can be analyzed for fiscal reporting and decision making. What’s more, you can review rounding to effectively schedule staff, based on any number of details defined by your facility.

  • Data aggregation provides opportunities to obtain new equipment and supports cost justification.
  • Data management tools help with decisions around workflows and staffing, LoS and bed turnover. That means opportunities for cost analysis to support staffing levels.
  • The MediaCare Dashboard provides metrics for resource and supply decisions, medications and supply levels. It also provides bundled patient data for regulatory compliance. Our account management team helps you put procedures in place to ensure you get the most value from this information.

Customize your reporting

To give you the most robust tool set for organizational readiness, easily customize MediaCare reports.

High-level MediaCare reports include:

  • Health video viewing shows which videos patients watch, the viewing frequency, and what time of day or nigh they watch.
  • Survey reports to deliver patient feedback information and offer opportunities for service recovery.
  • Service Alert reports show the types of requests made and demonstrate response time.
  • A source of data that can help leadership provide employee recognition and staffing analysis.
  • Messaging reports show how many messages are sent to patients on their in-room TVs.
  • Patient response rate broken out for pushed messages.

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