Hospital TV Cleaning is Critical to Reducing Hospital-Acquired and Other Infections

It’s no secret that hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are rampant in today’s hospitals and other healthcare facilities, and keeping a hospital TV clean is vital to controlling infection risks. Five percent of people being admitted to the hospital will be affected with HAIs and cost the healthcare system around $35 billion dollars per year.

Preventing HAIs and infection in healthcare settings is vital. HCI cleanable touchscreen devices support your stringent efforts at lowering viral loads.

These numbers are alarming, which is why hospitals are taking measures to prevent HAIs. Considering the ravages of COVID-19, hospital TV cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces in healthcare facilities is critical to lowering the viral load and reducing the spread of infectious diseases. Following CDC guidelines for thorough and effective cleaning is important, and your patient devices need to stand up to rigorous, regular cleaning.

There are numerous ways to help prevent the spread of infections in hospitals, one of which is the proper cleaning of equipment in the patient room. Because of this, more and more hospital device manufacturers are making hospital TVs “cleanable”.

HCI is taking a stand against HAIs by making durable, cleanable products that last.

HCI BedMate patient TVs for hospitals and healthcare settings are designed for infection control.

Hospital-grade televisions and patient touch devices need a list of qualities, such as pillow speaker connectivity and made of materials that can be thoroughly and repeatedly cleaned to be deemed hospital-grade. Our Infection Control patient TVs, digital whiteboards, bedside touchscreen tablets and Health-Key Keyboards feature all-glass fronts that can be wiped clean with hospital-grade cleaners. Casings for all HCI touchscreen-enabled products are ABS polymer hospital-grade, with rounded corners and no pinch points for an extra layer of safety. Our products feature a “CLEAN” button that locks the keypad or screen to allow the unit to be wiped clean with infection-killing cleaners, such as Viraguard®, Cavicide®, or 30-day Wipes™.

HCI Health-Key Keyboards support infection prevention with unique features not offered by other manufacturers. Hospital keyboard, patient keyboard, research keyboard, infection control keyboard

HCI Health-Key Keyboards are sealed to IP Water Resistant Standards.They feature configurable settings that allow you to set a cleansing alert for the number of touches the keyboard takes prior to cleaning. Our wired and wireless keyboards can be used with HCI devices.

Schedule a virtual demo and allow us to show you how to supplement your infection prevention processes with fully cleanable patient and Care Team devices.