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The pillow speaker connected to an HCI RoomMate TV or HCI HUB is the starting point for a patient’s interaction with the device. This is connected to HCI’s very own custom pillow speaker board which interfaces with all Android© devices. By using our pillow speaker board, HCI’s products can be customized to fit into any legacy environment and still use Android technology.

Android Compatibility

Taking heavy influences from Android’s philosophy of wide compatibility, we created HCI’s pillow speaker board with the ability to bind any Android function to any pillow speaker key. Additionally, it supports all legacy, current, and future key additions to the main pillow speaker types. No matter what the facility setup, buttons can be remapped to any Android function that isn’t native to existing speakers with a simple click of a button. This feature can then be cloned to all other devices in the facility, providing an optimized Android experience for patients. With MediaCare and CareApps, the experience is seamless and provides a range of choices.

Time Savings and Ease of Use for IT Staff

Because the pillow speaker board is completely integrated with the device, it updates automatically at the same time as the device. ThisHCI, pillow speaker, preventing infection, corona, COVID, interactive tv, patient tv, hospital tv, HCI tv, interactive whiteboard, patient whiteboard, digital whiteboard, hospital whiteboard, patient whiteboard, patient safety means that IT staff no longer need to break out special hardware tools just to upgrade a separate part of the TV. If it’s connected with MediaCare, you only need an internet browser to completely update the device.

HCI, HUB, pillow speaker, Smart TV, Interactive Whiteboard, Patient Engagement, HDMI, hospital grade TVHCI’s board doesn’t stop at user control; through the implementation of its RJ-12 port, our devices can be controlled by any number of third-party controllers. These controllers can help to automate different built-in features on the device such as recognizing an AV signal and automatically switching to that source. In the case of the HCI HUB, the pillow speaker board ensures the HUB can also be the controlling device for many common TVs, such as Samsung, LG, and all HCI RoomMate and BedMate televisions.

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