Integration for Higher Quality Patient Care

Integration is the act of combining several things to create a whole. This is how MediaCare from HCI works; combining RTLS, EHR, Nurse Call and other key hospital systems to create a singular structure for patient monitoring and care.

MediaCare as an integrated system communicates with existing hospital systems to provide critical patient information, alert status, educational content and entertainment. Digital Interactive Whiteboards can immediately update a patient or staff about important information, eliminating the need to update and transfer dry erase board information to other systems or paper records. Without having to manually update a dry erase board, the Care Team can focus on consistency and quality of care. In addition, cross-system integration supports continuous improvement initiatives.

HCI integration with MediaCare, RTLS, EHR and other existing hospital systems form a single structure for patient care and monitoring to create better Care Team collaboration.

For example, working in tandem with the EHR and RTLS, a hospital whiteboard can inform a patient and their family which staff member has walked into the room. A list of the current Care Team is visible, with photo ID, phone number (if desired) and role; and includes the Next and Last Round times. The Care Team can quickly and easily view important restrictions or protocols they need to know with InfoTiles, including allergies, dietary preferences or guidelines, fall risks, contact protocols and mobility information. The Care Team immediately knows what to expect and recognize patient needs or preferences, which supports high-quality and clear communication with patients, as recommended by the Joint Commission. Interactive Modules like Telemedicine and Image Viewer provide additional opportunities for patient literacy, satisfaction and better consultations. 

Integrating Across Devices

HCI digital hospital whiteboards work through MediaCare, integrated with the EHR and Nurse Call to provide real-time rounding status, medications, alerts and ADT information for a 360˚ view patient information.

Through MediaCare, patient information is immediately updated on all devices when a change is made to any of the connected devices: Patient Whiteboards, Hallway Whiteboards, Unit Whiteboards and Tablets. Each whiteboard can be customized to fit the specific needs or standards of a provider facility. Modules are fixed onto the screen, including daily and discharge goals, notes, contact information, and medications, with picture images and dosages. From the Interactive Unit Whiteboard, a group of patients in a  wing or unit can be monitored from the central Nurse’s station. The Interactive Patient Whiteboard becomes a conduit for all vital patient information and the Interactive Hall Whiteboard displays HIPAA-compliant information and alerts. Easy-to-use touchscreens make the devices intuitive, with changes to any connected device connected across all connected systems. Smart TVs, like the RoomMate, provide educational content and entertainment options to alleviate anxiety and boredom. Digital educational content can be pushed to in-room TVs to ensure patients complete assigned education. 

No matter what customization is needed, HCI Interactive Whiteboards and patient televisions have full communication with systems already in place in your facility. A fully integrated patient room creates opportunities for tighter collaboration on the Care Team and keeps patients and their family/caregivers informed about goals, recovery and discharge at every step of the healthcare journey. HCI Interactive Patient Care Solutions offer an integrated loop of patient care with accountability and analysis.

We welcome a discovery conversation to learn more about how integration can support your patient care goals, and invite you to schedule a virtual demo we can tailor to your specific needs.