Spiritual and Relaxation Options Support a Healing Environment

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It’s been well documented that while a patient is in the hospital, diversion can have measurable positive effects on their overall health and wellbeing. With proactive patient engagement, healthcare facilities can provide relaxation and spiritual content to help patients and their families alleviate boredom, anxiety and stress. For many healthcare facilities, a strong palliative care program needs to include spiritual and relaxation modalities. All healthcare facilities can benefit patients by providing relief from any psychological or spiritual distress they may be feeling. HCI offers a variety of relaxation and spiritual content to help patients with diversion to support their best outcome and offer an environment with opportunities more conducive to healing.

HCI, interactive whiteboard, digital whiteboard, patient engagement, patient rest, relaxation, spiritual, video, content, patient care

Guided imagery and soothing audio can help with pain and stress management

With an Interactive Patient Care system that integrates digital spiritual and relaxation content, healthcare facilities provide an important outlet for patients and their families to take a break from what can be a challenging situation. Meditation with soothing music and imagery via an interactive television or interactive whiteboard offer a patient some down time and contribute to better rest. For families, this type of content can help them cope through periods of time when they may be waiting for procedures or test results for their loved one. For children, tranquil activities are vital to their overall health outcome and offer a sense of normalcy. It can help them adapt more readily to the hospital experience with comforting visuals that help them feel less anxious or confused. Simple audio streaming of calming sounds or music can lower heart rates and blood pressure.

Meeting the spiritual needs of patients

The Joint Commission recommends that meeting patients relaxation/spiritual needs according to their specific ethnic, cultural and demographic preferences is an important piece of their recovery, providing reassurance and calm during a stressful time. HCI answers that call with apps and digital content to support patients on their healing journey.

HCI, interactive whiteboard, digital whiteboard, patient engagement, patient relaxation, video, content, patient care, interactive patient care

Meeting a patient’s spiritual needs can provide needed respite from stress. Some patients are unable to attend chapel or religious services and must remain in their beds. With spiritual content and the HCI Interactive Family and Friend Connect Module, you can still provide the benefits of a chapel or religious service at the patient’s bedside, either through a selection of video content or via teleconference. With our content partner, Healthwise, a large selection of relaxing content is available.

Spiritual and relaxation content available through HCI’s Interactive Patient Care whiteboards and televisions utilize MediaCare as part of an overall closed loop of patient engagement and support to offer searchable video libraries or push relaxation and educational content. Digital spiritual content is the most-used content in most hospitals, often peaking during evening hours. This can contribute to a patient’s restful sleep and pain management, and help healthcare facilities meet “quiet at night” guidelines. In fact, the HCAHPS survey includes questions about noise and how quiet the facility was during a patient’s stay. Apps are available that can provide chapel schedules or to request a pastor or other spiritual partner.

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