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Disease Prevention with Health Technology

Disease prevention is a broad subject with a basic premise: An ounce of prevention goes a long way toward improving long-term health. Whether that’s through making every effort to get your patients to their regular visits to see their physician, sending appointment reminders, or helping patients take action when a problem has been identified, the role that your hospital organization or medical practice can take is enormous.

Why not lead your patients to healthier lives?

Some of the most common diseases seen in the elderly actually start in young adulthood, and with proper education, risks for these conditions can be reduced. For example, arthritis is commonly seen in older people. One of the leading causes of arthritis is injuries and bones that haven’t healed after an injury. The patient may have lacked the knowledge and health education to strengthen bones, muscles, and joints, leading to arthritic symptoms. While hereditary factors may also play a role, knowing that arthritis is treatable when you catch it at its earliest stage will go far to help the patients take appropriate measures. Cancer and diabetes are other diseases that affect millions. While heredity plays an important role in various forms of cancer and diabetes, many forms of each can stem from lifestyle choices such as environmental factors, overeating, smoking, or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Patients can also reduce their risks of various types of diseases with regular visits to their family doctor and take preventative measures with education and support. The optimal time to help your patients engage in long-term prevention of disease is by educating them about good lifestyle choices now, while they’re in care.

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What can your organization do to help with disease prevention and other health risks to individuals in your community?

Increase Referrals Through Patient Satisfaction

Improving the outcomes of your current in-house patients is one of your top priorities, so the fact that that you don’t actively reach out to patients who haven’t walked through your doors is no surprise. That being said, you can help patients choose you when they do need your services by sharing your core mission and values and what you believe about patient access to information and education in and out of the hospital.

Many hospitals are not adopting high tech equipment to facilitate in-house communication with patients, or they may be unaware of the tools they can utilize to undertake this mission. If your organization isn’t completely satisfied with the quality of patient care, the databases that collect and disseminate patient satisfaction information or your current plan to track and ensure patient engagement and coordination of care, you should talk with HCI today.

Specializing in innovative tools that bring technology and healthcare solutions together, HCI offers a complete, closed loop of patient care with devices powered by Android technology and state-of-the-art data management. Our Interactive Patient Care platform provides accountability and analysis with cost-effective, flexible and scalable digital touchscreen technology. Providers can leverage these tools as a competitive advantage with a standard of care competitive providers can’t offer.

When one patient has a positive experience, they share that with others, which leads them to look at what your organization values – disease prevention and better health literacy.

HCI will help you make sure your key message is matched to your mission with the adoption of the latest, innovative tools to keep patients informed, educated and entertained. Schedule a brief online or in-person demo and experience in real time how your hospital or healthcare facility can support your core mission.