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Patient Data Analysis with MediaCare Dashboards

Patient data analysis is critical to effective patient care. The responsibilities and demands hospital staff members encounter daily are growing both in quantity of tasks and the level of importance of their work. As a result of constant juggling and managing common daily challenges, measurement and evaluation of the overall patient experience often doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. Without a daily view of patient sentiment and experience, providers are unable to discover areas where improvement is needed and promptly implement changes. That delayed response can have a negative impact on CMS and insurance reimbursement dollars. If a healthcare provider truly wants to improve the overall patient experience and improve the health of patients, it’s important to take steps to align patient hospital experiences with the data to back up decisions about how to offer service recovery and allocate resources.

HCI has examined these challenges and has taken our Interactive Patient Care solution, MediaCare, a step further by creating a Dashboard module that tracks and reports on the entire patient education and entertainment experience. By providing healthcare facilities the ability to see real-time results patients can be monitored more closely, consistently improving the quality of service while simultaneously cutting costs and improving patient satisfaction.

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Included in the MediaCare Dashboard is data from our Service Request app, part of the MediaCare App Suite and a core feature of our provider management system. The Service Request App allows patients to request non-clinical items, such as a blanket to be delivered to their room. The MediaCare Dashboard allows hospitals to track all Service Items requested, along with staff response time. This patient data analysis helps providers allocate staff, supplies and resources more efficiently. The Education Dashboard shows which educational content was prescribed to the patient and whether or not it was viewed. The Interactive Unit Whiteboard, centrally located at the Nurse’s Station, displays the percentage of completed educational content by patient and allows clinicians to send reminders to complete prescribed education. This simple feature helps manage patient health literacy and encourage patients to effectively participate in their recovery.

MediaCare Dashboards offer an array of reports and patient data analysis for efficient resource and staff management in real time; reporting can be customized for specific provider needs and requirements. Healthcare providers having the data they need in real time can lower readmissions and improve patient outcomes.

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