Communication Alignment is Key for Patient Recovery

A trusting relationship with patients and their families is built on open, honest communication for the best patient recovery.

Healthcare facilities are in a constant state of collaboration, but tools to support that effort are often in disparate systems. How can you integrate the EHR, RTLS, ADT and Nurse Call systems to align communication on the Care Team, and with patients? Sharing information in a consistent, accurate way keeps front-line Care Team staff,  patients and patient family/caregivers better informed and more involved in successful recovery.  Care Teams who collaborate effectively have more time for patient-centered care with fewer errors. The bottom line is that Digital whiteboards are key when it comes to successful patient recovery and to create a platform for fully aligned communication.

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Dry Erase Boards are Inefficient and Hard to Maintain

Hospital dry erase boards are inefficient and subject to misinterpretation and loss of patient data.
Time-to-complete information on dry erase boards is up to three times longer, which results in tens of thousands of wasted clinical minutes over a year. Translated into labor cost, that’s significant.

Dry erase boards are often used to communicate vital patient information, daily goals, discharge goals, medications and schedules. There are significant drawbacks with dry erase boards, because information can be missed, illegible, erased or incomplete – and that has a big impact on patient recovery and Care Team communication. Traditional dry erase boards may cost half the price of a digital whiteboard on installation, but replacement costs every 5 to 10 years, and the costs of markers, erasers, magnets and taped flags will escalate over time, resulting in higher costs and errors. That translates to wasted space and effort in storing dry erase supplies and wasted time in ordering and maintaining traditional boards.

HCI digital whiteboards for hospitals and healthcare settings provide one-touch, at-a-glance patient monitoring and rounding.
Using an interactive, digital patient whiteboard saves time for caregivers, gives patients information about their care, and lowers operating costs for healthcare providers and facilities.
Using digital hospital whiteboards, providers can offer sa better onboarding experience with a patient portal.
Interactive digital whiteboards are a perfect model for hospital technology adoption – doing a task better, faster, at less cost, with improved connection between patients and staff.

Evidentiary Support for Digital Whiteboards

There is a significant amount of evidence that shows that digital whiteboards and an integrated platform can meet the needs and goals providers set for compliance and resource allocation, which have a direct impact on successful patient recovery.

The HCI Interactive Patient Care Solution puts patient and Care Team communication at the center of patient recovery by integrating MediaCare seamlessly with existing hospital systems, like the EHR, Nurse Call, RTLS and EVS systems. HCI Digital Whiteboards and in-room interactive televisions create an integrated loop of patient care by integrating these systems into a single, digital touchscreen display in the patient’s room, outside their room, and at the central Nurses’ Station. HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions, with our system of digital whiteboards and tablet TVs, display scheduling, patient updates, care team information, planning and medication data. The connected devices allow caregivers to push education, messages and reminders, or pull scans from a PAC system for in-room discussion and consultation.

Automatic Updates for Successful Patient Recovery

Automatic updates are seamlessly completed and patient data is auto-populated when a change is made to any connected device. Education compliance and completion can be monitored to support patient adherence with treatment, medication, goals and discharge plans.

HCI interactive hospital whiteboards provide a mechanism for caregivers to make rounding updates or add notes for patients in seconds.

With an Interactive Hall Whiteboard and Interactive Unit Whiteboard, HIPAA-compliant patient information is displayed in the hall outside the room and at the Nurse’s Station for central monitoring. Interactive Patient Whiteboards replace the traditional patient dry erase board with better accuracy, lower cost and higher compliance for completion.

Whether it’s keeping track of schedules or monitoring patient alerts it’s clear why HCI’s Digital Whiteboards align communication to support better patient outcomes. Contact us today to schedule a virtual demo at your convenience.