HCAHPS Scores and Patient Satisfaction

Ensuring patients feel heard and understood is paramount to their satisfaction.

As you consider where your hospital organization stands today and how you are doing when it comes to delivering high-quality care to patients, one topic that will invariably emerge is that of your HCAHPS scores. With these scores playing an increasingly important role in your overall rating and reimbursement levels as a hospital, tools to help you achieve better scores and improved care will gain importance for providers, administrators and Chief Nursing staff as well. 

Patient surveys are a key to measuring and analyzing performance and patient satisfaction. Readmissions can be reduced and higher patient satisfaction achieved with a comprehensive system for reporting and data analysis, with information to support better resource allocation using interactive technologies. According to The Studor Group in the publication The HCAHPS Handbook, Hardwire Your Hospital for Pay-for-Performance Success, the authors quote the  governmental Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ): “Using interactive care… organizations have been able to achieve a 74% reduction in [heart failure] readmission rates 3–days post-discharge, resulting in an overall readmission rate of 5%.”1

HCI supports provider organizzato data analysis for optimal resource management.
MediaCare from HCI shows aggregated patient survey data for governmental reporting.

There are several features in an Interactive Patient Care solution you want to look for with patient-centered tools which lead to improved outcomes and HCAHPS scores. Those features are:

  • Interactive displays tied to internal hospital systems that include surveys which ask patients about their hospital experiences.
  • The ability to collect standardized patient experience data.
  • A method for adjusting data for equitable comparisons and benchmarking.
  • A mechanism for publicly reporting results.
  • Incentives for using survey tools to improve provider quality of care.
HCAHPS scores are an important indicator of service performance. HCI interactive patient care solutions help increase patient engagement and increase patient satisfaction.

Measuring Performance

HCAHPS performance is more predictive of readmission rates than the objective clinical performance measures often used to assess the quality of hospital care. HCI’s solutions couple the most current advances in Android technology with the latest in healthcare research and policy to provide tools that can immediately and directly lead your hospital to better performance and outcomes.

How important are HCAHPS scores for your organization today? Schedule a virtual demo and allow HCI to demonstrate in real time how your organization can see a significant rise in HCAHPS scores with an increase in patient satisfaction.

1 The HCAHPS Handbook, Hardwire Your Hospital for Pay-for-Performance Success, Quint Studor, Brian C. Robinson and Karen Cook, RN, @2010 The Studor Group, LLC, FireStarter Publishing