HCI presents easy to understand educational content for healthcare providers and their patients.

Health Literacy Through Educational Content Improves Outcomes

The healthcare industry is constantly changing. With care models more value-based than ever before, it’s imperative that patient engagement and health literacy are incorporated into patient care. Focusing on patient education provides a mechanism for supporting patients with better health literacy, and can help healthcare providers lower readmissions and operating costs. Discharge begins at admission, and offering educational content on specific conditions and treatments when a patient is admitted is a mechanism for setting patients up for successful recovery.

Patient Education from HCI provides patients a wide range of content to support their recovery and health literacy.

The Joint Commission recommends a commitment to patient engagement education and clear communication. Begin by listening to the patient, allowing them to speak candidly about their questions and concerns. Listening to the patient will help the Care Team know what specific needs a patient may have and focus on their preferences or needs. Using “teach back” techniques in conjunction with digital educational content ensures that patients understand the value of the content for a better recovery and helps to create a trusting relationship between the Care Team and the patient. It supplements their overall health literacy for better decision-making.

An Educated Patient Makes Better Health Decisions

An educated patient will make better decisions and know what to expect once discharged. It will help them identify behavior risks and benefits, which can cut down on readmissions from conditions or behaviors that could have prevented an emergency situation or sentinel event. Education and health literacy combined reduces expenses for the patient and the provider, and ultimately the wider community.

Assigned Digital Education

Patient education from HCI supports better health literacy before a patient leaves care, and avoid risky behaviors that could result in readmission.

With MediaCare from HCI, a range of options are are available to support patients on their health journey. Using Interactive Unit Whiteboards, educational content can be assigned and percentage of completion addressed from a central Nurses’ Station, or reminders sent to patients to complete their prescribed content. Digital content can be pushed from the Interactive Patient Whiteboard directly to the patient in-room TV. With a HUB Set Top Box or BedMate Tablet Television, the patient TV becomes an interactive device lets patients to search for and watch content at their convenience or as prescribed.

Relevant, topical content is presented in empathetic tone of voice with easy follow content.

Context and Age Appropriate Educational Content in an Empathetic Tone of Voice

Digital educational content is compiled into one app that’s easy to navigate and offers access to hundreds of condition-specific videos, provided by our patient education partners Including Healthwise, Krames, Elsevier and more. Content includes COVID-19 information and supports patients to make better health decisions and understand their particular condition along with the treatments that can help them with a smooth hospital discharge. Content is presented in an easy-to-understand digital format, in age- and condition-appropriate context, and is available in several languages in an empathetic tone of voice.

Learn how HCI can help with Patient Education and better health literacy through our content partner,  Healthwise, for educational content to support the best patient outcomes in a virtual online demo.