Patient care is a collaborative effort

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We can’t say it enough – knowledge is power and empowered patients are healthier, more satisfied patients. Years ago, printed pamphlets and spoken instruction by a physician were the norm for patient education. Patients had little recourse when they wanted more information about their condition, and had to rely on folklore cures and hearsay. But today, by utilizing the latest educational content in a whole-patient approach to care, healthcare organizations can increase reimbursement rates, reduce lengths of stay, lower readmission rates and provide patients with a better overall recovery by incorporating an interactive system geared toward better health literacy.

Cathy MacLean, MD, MClSc, MBA, FCFP, in Patient Education: Sharing a Passion, Sharing Resources, writes that “There are… emerging opportunities, trends, programs and technologies that will assist us in meeting patients’ education needs.” HCI steps up to answer the need for emerging technologies and collaborative patient education with MediaCare and an Interactive Patient Care solution that adds automation to the process of patient education and patient care to make patient education more powerful and effective.

Empowering patients is better patient care

Patient Education from HCI provides patients a wide range of content to support their recovery and health literacy.
Patient education selections from Healthwise©

One way to provide empowerment to patients is through digital educational content on interactive whiteboards and in-room, patient televisions. By making it easy for patients and their caregivers to understand the condition and the treatment plan, healthcare providers can empower the patient to take a more active role in improving and maintaining their health. Perhaps most importantly, your patients will have a sense of control over their health and better communication with the Care Team – a partnership of communication. To ensure patient education is done efficiently and effectively, the Care Team needs a set of interactive and educational tools that run seamlessly and are easy to access. These tools are available with HCI’s Interactive Patient Care Software, MediaCare and interactive, digital whiteboards.

Engaging patients in their health outcomes

HCI Patient Education provide better patient engagement and involvement in shared decision-making.
Education videos on BedMate Tablet TV

MediaCare utilizes data within the hospital’s existing EHR and related systems: the RTLS, LADP, BMS, ADT, AND PAC, for example, to deliver personalized patient care. Patients receive assigned educational videos based on their specific condition and prescribed medications from the EHR, or from a diagnosis code at Admitting. Once the patient has completed the educational content, MediaCare reports back to the EHR system and documents completion of the content. Used in conjunction with “teach back” techniques, this is a powerful tool for patient education.

MediaCare provides opportunities for service recovery, surveying and monitoring educational comprehension and compliance. In addition, it provides Care Teams and IT staff a simple, uncomplicated way to manage patient care and the supporting network, with:

  • Clinical and non-clinical service delivery and recovery features through push surveys and service request apps
  • Hospital information and entertainment to enhance the patient experience, with a vast array of entertainment options
  • Clinical Summary information for access to important care, room, and staff information
  • Online workflow management, reporting, and analytic tools with MediaCare Dashboard reporting, including room status (EVS Cleaning, Vacant, etc.)
  • Customized branding and revenue generation opportunities for hospital and auxiliary services such as Pharmacy, Gift Shop, and Cafe
  • Remote network clone and software updates from a single location or Data Center
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With thousands of digital videos on healthcare conditions and treatments to choose from, our health education partner, Healthwise, works hand-in-hand with MediaCare to dramatically increase patient educational comprehension for better discharge results, lower overall costs associated with printing and readmissions, and higher levels of patient satisfaction for increased reimbursements.

Learn how HCI can partner with you to empower patients for better recoveries.