Temperature Detection with HCI SmartScreen: Giving You Tools for an Effective Infection Control Strategy

HCI SmartScreen Temperature Detection Tablet provides accurate human temperature screening as part of a hospital infection control program.

Temperature detection is an important part of a multi-pronged approach to infection control. A well-planned strategy for controlling viral loads and infection helps protect patients, healthcare staff, visitors and residents in a range of healthcare settings. With HCI SmartScreen, temperature detection is fast and accurate. In conjunction with questionnaires, masks, gloves, social distancing and sanitizing preparations, SmartScreen helps to limit the spread of COVID-19 and other infections by identifying individuals with elevated temperatures. Higher temperatures can be a symptom of COVID-19, flu, colds or other contagious diseases. 

SmartScreen Offers Multiple Capabilities

  • Enterprise integration for complete control of ingress/egress with secure access
  • Health Screening Questionnaires
  • Display of Pass/Fail temperature detection with visual and verbal confirmation
  • Multiple mounting options: countertop, wall mount or kiosk
  • Kiosk option includes Hand Sanitizing Station and bright LED light to indicate location
  • Includes two USB ports for external devices or firmware upgrades
SmartScreen from HCI uses infrared temperature detection to screen staff, patients and visitors.
  • Integration with door access systems; monitor access capacities and counts
  • Combine with RFID wearables or badges for employee identification
  • Facial recognition for additional security and restrictions, with Mask recognition
  • Reporting and granular data on counts and scans 
  • Accuracy to 1/2 degree; readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius 

SmartScreen Thermal Imaging

HCI SmartScreen is contactless “pass/fail” human temperature detection via a thermal imaging camera. If the individual’s reading is within the normal range, a “Normal Temperature” verbal response is heard. In the case of a “Fail” temperature scan, the verbal confirmation is “Abnormal Temperature”. Your specific entry policy would then apply, such as incorporating questionnaires into the door entry process and limiting access.

HCI SmartScreen offers a variety of mounting options to fit your specific healthcare facility.
HCI SmartScreen Kiosk with Hand Sanitizer Option

An Integrated Solution

SmartScreen temperature detection integrates with existing hospital and other healthcare settings to monitor and control door access. SmartScreen integrates to match employees to a database or match visitors, guests or delivery personnel for door access. SmartScreen can work with security systems to trigger silent or audible alarms and send automated texts to monitoring personnel. SmartScreen integrates with RFID and RTLS systems to recognize wearables and badges.

Temperature Detection for Long-Term, Infusion and Rehabilitation Facilities

The CDC offers recommendations for Nursing Homes, which apply to long-term, residential and palliative care facilities.

For other healthcare settings where health conditions of patients, guests and staff need to be monitored and safeguarded, SmartScreen temperature detection can add extra protection against communicable infection. It can be installed as a stand-alone kiosk featuring a bright blue LED light and automatic hand sanitizing station. Place outside treatment areas, labs, dining halls, lounge areas or game rooms, retail spaces and other areas where residents, staff or patients might gather, and integrate to existing door access systems or databases. Establish a SmartScreen kiosk and hygiene measures in foodservice preparation areas and at docks or delivery doors. Used as a standalone system or in combination with masks, eye protection, gloves and /or visual alerts like posters and signage, the SmartScreen is an effective tool to manage access.

We can help with your infection control strategies. Schedule a conversation and virtual demo to experience all the benefits of Interactive Patient Care and ensure safety for patients, residents, staff and guests.