Transforming Care Delivery with Integrated Technology

The HCI Advantage: Scalable, flexible and cost-effective. With increasing healthcare dollars being being invested in patient satisfaction and technologies to support patient-centered care, it’s important to get the most advanced, cutting-edge solutions available. 

The HCI Advantage supports hospitals with integrated technology to transform the way you delivery patient care.

HCI integrates with existing infrastructure for hospitals to support patient education, staff efficiency, and overall increased patient engagement and satisfaction. We do this by utilizing our unique approach – offering complete customization of our Interactive Patient Care solution for any hospital or healthcare provider facility. Using MediaCare, an integrated enterprise-wide software platform, we can tailor solutions for any need. That’s the HCI Advantage.

Seamless Integration

Today’s hospital technology systems track patient data and expect it to tie directly to a patient’s electronic health record for a complete record of patient care. HCI Interactive Whiteboards integrate with electronic health record (EHR) systems and other hospital information systems to update this information accurately, automatically and in real time. That enables faster rounding and less staff time spent on nonclinical tasks. HCI health-grade, touch-enabled Tablet patient televisions provide patient entertainment options, from our most basic level for simply watching TV to more advanced capabilities, which include push patient education and video on demand; to centralized control, patient information and surveys, full Internet capabilities, and facility in-house programming.

HCI BedMate Tablet TVs combine convenience, functionality and interactive, touch screen capabilities for patients and staff.

Interactive whiteboards and tablets are a perfect model for hospital technology adoption – doing a task better, faster, at less cost, with improved connection between patients and staff.

The HCI Advantage for Interactive Patient Care Solution supports three main concerns in the hospital:

HCI interactive patient care solutions include touch-enabled, digital and interactive whiteboards, tablets, and in-room televisions for better patient satisfaction and staff engagement.

Current, Accurate Information

Digital Whiteboards and tablets provide access to current, accurate patient information, last and next round information, identification of the Care Team, medications, daily goals and discharge plans, and built-in features which allow patients to teleconference with their clinician or external provider. They offer PAC system image viewing, one-touch pain reporting – even configurable layouts like Labor and Delivery apps, and more. HCI interactive, touch-enabled televisions come with capabilities that include web browsing, full media access for music, movies and photos, and on-demand and streaming access to their favorite shows, social networks and game options.

Staff Efficiency

In any economic climate, especially this one, increasing efficiency and cutting costs is not only desirable, it is essential. HCI solutions are your transition into cost-saving, efficient technologies. HCI products operate on a thin client network and allow for control to be centralized at a single location, like a Nurse’s station. By centralizing control, your staff will be able to control content, sound, information, alerts, and communicate with patients. This eliminates the need for the non-clinical tasks such as delivering movies and printed educational content, managing room temperature or turning the volume down on the patient TV. Integrating our interactive solutions over a thin client network and centralizing control saves time and money. HCI interactive products help reduce clinician and staff burnout by automating tasks that would have required manual transcription or manual entry into other, disparate systems.

Patient and Visitor Satisfaction

HCAHPS scores are becoming increasingly important to hospital rankings and reimbursement revenue streams. While a digital whiteboard or television can’t be the sole reason for great HCAHPS scores, they can provide improvements in several areas on the survey, including communication between patients and clinical staff, service requests fulfilled quickly, and the frequency/quality of information patients receive from the staff.

The HCI Advantage leads innovation developments in the healthcare technology industry. Learn more by checking out our full line of solutions and products.

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