How to Protect Staff and Patients with Video Technology

HCI offers a telemedicine option for both internal and external telemedicine visits for patients, freeing up clinician time and creating higher patient satisfaction.

HCI CleanCall Provides Secure Care Team to Patient Teleconferencing from Outside the Patient Room.

When you think of telemedicine, you probably think of a person at their home, contacting their physician using a videoconference app on their home computer. That aspect of telemedicine has its advantages and makes physician visits easier. But what if you’re an isolated hospital patient and need to speak to your Clinician while in your hospital room? Could HCI CleanCall support you?

What if you’re a CNO or Physician with procedures in place for PPE safety protocols before entering a Patient room due to infection risks? That’s a process requiring time and gear that may be in short supply. CleanCall is the answer.

CleanCall from HCI supports better patient communication while observing safety protocols.

CleanCall Supports Hospital, Staff and Patient Safety

HCI cCLeanCall in Use through the Pillow Speaker, Hall Whiteboard and Patient Whiteboard

HCI CleanCall adds dynamic, bi-directional audio and video to patient care from within the hospital or healthcare facility. CleanCall uses one-touch digital interactive whiteboards to connect patients Care Team staff from outside a patient room using the built-in camera, speakers and microphones in each device.

HCI CleanCall makes it possible for Clinicians and staff within the hospital to use any HCI connected device to video call a patient’s in-room Interactive Whiteboard to answer a Nurse Call, answer questions or perform a remote round.

With just the touch of a button on the Interactive Hall Whiteboard or any HCI-connected Digital Whiteboard and use of the connected pillow speaker, a direct-to-Patient video conference can be launched without having to enter the Patient’s room.

That means higher patient satisfaction and less time spent on donning or doffing PPE gear. It also means a lower risk of infection or transmission of contagious pathogens.

Digital whiteboards support real-time human connection just when a patient needs it most.

Considering the considerable risks posed by COVID-19, staff and Care Team safety is a key concern for staff and for hospital management. Keeping everyone healthy and safe must be a paramount concern to keep staffing at optimal levels. Even without operating in a pandemic situation, patients may require some form of isolation or confinement for their own safety and recovery. HCI CleanCall and Nurse Call Companion allows staff or Care Team members to maintain distance without sacrificing patient communication and consultation, so vital to the very best outcomes and to help patients feel reassured. You can help them experience less anxiety and ensure their care is a collaborative effort.

CleanCall and Nurse Call Companion offer patient-Care Team video communication at a touch to the device screen.
CleanCall and Nurse Call Companion allow Nurses to video chat with patients from different locations.

The Centers for Disease Control states that “evaluation of new medical products that could be associated with lowered infection risk” is critical to preventing disease spread and “the actions management takes to improve patient and worker safety” are part of a multi-pronged approach to infection control.

HCI CleanCall meets these criteria and supports the highest standards of infection control.

HCI's BedMate Tablet TV offers full interactive whiteboard and TV capabilities.

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