Interactive Educational Content for Health Literacy

HCI presents easy to understand educational content for healthcare providers and their patients.

Hot topics for hospitals and healthcare facilities include comprehensive, interactive educational content for patients and patient satisfaction. Securing CMS and other reimbursements is tied to a patient’s understanding of their condition, which is tied to satisfaction surveys. Surveys offer opportunities for training and workflow management to help administrators analyze service recovery processes. Better education not only decreases readmission events, but can improve HCAHPS and other quality-of-care survey scores. What’s that mean? It means that better interactive educational content saves your organization cost, time and steps to avoid a readmission, and patients have better health literacy.

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Time Savings and Improved Comprehension

Interactive educational content informs patients about their treatment plan and condition during their hospital stay and after they transition out of care. Preventative education at the beginning of a hospital stay makes transition planning easier; but educating patients does not always come easy for the Care Team. Patients may be reluctant to read reams of printed educational materials or participate in “teach back” sessions to measure their comprehension. Patients may have language or comprehension challenges.

A study conducted by the California Healthcare Foundation found that interactive patient care systems with an education component reduce the time nurses need to initiate an education session from 19.1 minutes to 5.2 minutes, a savings of nearly 14 minutes per round.  What if there was a way to deliver in-room patient educational content conveniently, on demand or assign it at Admission? There is, with comprehensive patient education

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Digital Educational Content Supports Better Adherence

Keep patients educated and informed to increase their level of satisfaction and support better health literacy. With digital video content, patients have appropriate knowledge to prevent unnecessary sentinel events once they’re discharged. Combined with Self-Service options for nonclinical tasks, you can actively save your staff 14 minutes per patient to increase throughput without sacrificing quality care.

HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions are a cost effective and reliable solution to transform the way facilities educate patients. Interactive Digital Whiteboards work with MediaCare to provide staff and patients with access to a vast library of digital educational videos about the patient’s treatment and care. Interactive educational content in the form of video is assigned to the patient and viewed on the in-room television, Tablet or via the Interactive Patient Whiteboard. With the Interactive Unit Whiteboard at the central Nurses’ Station, the Care Team monitors patient education completion rates and sends reminders to patients to complete their prescribed education. Combined with surveys to gauge comprehension, you have a winning combination for lowering readmissions.

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Educational content can be made a condition of discharge to ensure patients have the information they need for the best outcome. Time savings for the staff and Care Team utilizing digital, touch-enabled interactive educational content is significant and creates a more collaborative, efficient work environment, and is reported through the MediaCare Dashboard for administrative monitoring.

See for yourself. Schedule an online demo to understand how MediaCare and Interactive Educational Content can help patients with lasting recovery and treatment adherence.