HCI digital whiteboards for labor and delivery are interactive with touch-enabled, custom layouts to support new Moms and babies.
HCI's Custom digital whiteboard layouts and modules support safety in Labor and Delivery units.

HCI Offers Custom Digital Whiteboards for Labor and Delivery Units

For Labor and Delivery units, having the most accurate information on patient progress is critical. The health of Moms and infants in OB departments relies on the Care Team being able to readily access their medication prescriptions, Nurse Notes, schedules and delivery progress. Having displayed access to the status of the baby and the ability to carry out precise rounding is crucial for consistent care delivery throughout Mom’s stay and the arrival of the new baby. That’s where we come in.

HCI offers custom layouts on our touch-enabled interactive digital Patient Whiteboards for specialty departments in healthcare facilities. Customized layouts support Charge Nurses and Unit Managers to better manage room availability and staff scheduling. Our custom modules allow Nurses to have immediate access to the information they need to plan for discharge, schedule therapies and respond quickly to Nurse Calls and Alerts.

Collaboration and Self-Service in a Simple Touch Interface

Healthcare providers rely on Labor and Delivery Nurses working alongside obstetricians to work collaboratively, think critically, understand Mom’s personalized birthing plan and administer meds, among the many other responsibilities they carry. All of this information needs to be captured for rounds and as shift changes occur during a Mom’s stay, and HCI digital whiteboards do the job with a simple touch interface. Dad and family members also need access to the most up-to-date information to pass along delivery status to loved ones. MediaCare offers options for bedside meal ordering and retail or gift shops ordering, too. At discharge, families have the option to have prescriptions filled automatically before they leave the facility, right from their room.

HCI digital whiteboards for Labor and Delivery include an image viewer for monitoring scans.

With MediaCare integrated to the EHR, Nurse Call, RTLS, ADT, Active Directory, “Smart” Bed Systems and PAC systems, Nurses and OB/GYNs can update pain reporting, report changes in medications and procedures, view and annotate scans, and monitor EHR Nurse Notes with a few touches to their interactive whiteboard for complete care alignment on the birth team.

After delivery, monitoring the baby’s status is vital to ensure that any complications are handled quickly and Mom receives the education she needs about her responsibilities and schedules for the newborn. Preparing to leave the hospital, the educational content prescribed to her will help the new family understand what to expect and how to get started with feeding and baby’s healthy growth. HCI offers a full range of video content in English and other languages to support better discharge when the new family goes home.

PostPartum hospital whiteboard layouts from HCI support better care in LDRP units.
Ante and postpartum education is available through HCI's robust patient education platform.

HCI custom antepartum and postpartum digital whiteboard layouts provide all the information the birth team needs, and the ability to update records and keep everyone – including Mom – informed about their treatment and discharge plan.

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