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HCI’s Interactive BedMate Tablet TV

Sara Heath, writing in PatientEngagementHIT, reports that

Bedside tablets contain a host of tools that help patients become acquainted with the hospital and their care teams, promoting a more positive experience during their hospital stay.” She continues, “Bedside tablets can also improve the use of nurse call lights and call buttons.”

The HCI Interactive BedMate Tablet TV for healthcare provides a wide array of service, education and entertainment features for a better patient experience.
HCI offers key patient engagement features that support a better onboarding and stay experience with the introduction of the digital BedMate Tablet TV.

Designed for a better patient experience

To address the needs of both patients and providers, HCI offers the Interactive BedMate Tablet TV and the standard Interactive Bedside Tablet (no tuner) – touch enabled bedside displays that answer the need for connection, information and entertainment.

Working through MediaCare, HCI’s smart integration platform, the Interactive Tablets are an integral part of MediaCare. The new BedMate Tablet TV Tablets feature a hospital-grade, infection control ABS polymer shell that withstands frequent, thorough disinfection and cleaning to promote safety and patient engagement.

HCI presents easy to understand educational content for healthcare providers and their patients.
Interactive BedMate Tablet TVs allow patients to BYOD for streaming and gaming.
  • Available in 13″ and 15″ sizes to accommodate both larger and more compact healthcare and infusion facilities
  • Built- in camera with sliding privacy screen, built-in 2W speakers and microphone
  • 10-point capacitive touch display, sensitive to weak fingers and the use of latex gloves
  • Multiple mount options, including floor, ceiling and wall mounts, and our Classic Swing Arm with halo for optimal viewing
  • Built-in Light Sensor to control brightness
  • 4K high definition display

Caregivers can video direct to patient BedMate Tablets through Nurse Call Companion, where Charge Nurses, Nurses and clinicians can video respond to Nurse Calls, push new assigned educational content and answer non-clinical service requests without having to leave the central desk.

With the BedMate Tablet TV, give patients access to all the features of your television offering, with touchscreen TV control at the bedside and full insight reporting on TV and channel use. You have access to aggregated and specific reporting and data analytics by individual, unit, department or group.

Interactive BedMate Tablet TV and Apps for Patient Engagement

The Interactive BedMate Tablet TV is a fully functional touch screen TV, which replaces HCI’s legacy BedMate 13II and BedMate 15AP. Each of our Interactive BedMate Tablet TVs allow touch enabled, and patient focused apps available through MediaCare.

HCI's BedMate Tablet TV offers full interactive whiteboard and TV capabilities.
  • Prescription search with explanations and images, and bedside Pharmacy Fulfillment Requests
  • Bedside meal ordering designed to honor patient dietary restrictions or guidelines
  • Retail item ordering from the bedside
  • Provide way finding, support group information, rental equipment and other discharge support data
  • Entertainment: Streaming movies, podcasts and music; on demand entertainment, relaxation content, games and activities
  • “Clear My Data” app for another layer of security
  • Web browsing with Internet through the facility infrastructure

Provider management tools

Interactive Tablets are fully integrated with our Hallway, Patient Room and Unit Status Whiteboards to pull and automatically update patient information through the EHR.

  • Initiate CleanCall video chats with patients from the central Nurses’ Station to respond to questions, calls and requests – save steps and time by filtering non clinical requests to appropriate departments
  • Push education content to patients based on diagnosis code or changes in treatment for better discharge planning and post stay compliance; send reminders and follow-up content
  • Push satisfaction surveys and perform comprehension testing of educational content
  • Data aggregated from Interactive Bedside Tablet use provides full-featured data analysis and reporting for scheduling and financial decision-making
  • Set daily goals, update discharge plans and incorporate rounding notes into displays for patient and family reference
  • 100% Configurable Patient Portals can include welcome videos, colors, branding and banners
  • Deliver marketing content and measure response
HCI 13" BedMate Tablet TV on Articulating Mounting Arm fore hospital bedside tablets

Learn how you can harness powerful integration with BedMate Tablet TVs and MediaCare for higher patient satisfaction.