Patient Support is Why We Created MediaCare

HCI interactive whiteboards, tablets and televisions are powered by Android apps for patient satisfaction and hospital efficiency.

MediaCare from HCI offers a range of tailored options for a great patient experience in a healthcare setting. The first and most important initiative is to provide a high level of patient support and encouragement so patients feel safe and supported. Patient support includes providing providing them with choices and options that offer a sense of control over their hospitalization and engaging them in their recovery process with readily accessible information about their stay and offering entertainment and connection to their outside social circles and family.

A Primer on the Home Screen

To understand the transformative nature of MediaCare, here’s a primer on the concept of the “Home Screen”. All smartphones, tablets, and even most “Smart TVs” have software that serves up a Home Screen, the familiar, intuitive starting point for users to begin activities on an in-room device. The Home Screen is the screen they return to when completing activities or when they want to access another menu. HCI took a bold step and created its own Home Screen with MediaCare, designed and developed for patient support, provider data management and Care Team task automation. 

An Integrated Loop of Care

MediaCare is HCI’s enterprise-wide integration software, which can be updated remotely from a single IT department or data center, and seamlessly integrates into hospital EHR, Nurse Call, RTLS and other systems to display clinical support apps and patient data on our Digital Whiteboards and Tablets. MediaCare is powered by the Android© Operating System, a set of principles and functionalities built to create a more user-friendly experience when navigating and using Apps. This allows us to present patients with almost limitless options for information and entertainment access. That makes it easy for staff to collaborate and for comprehensive patient support.

HCI Interactive BedMate Tablet Tv with Patient Care apps through MediaCare are Swing Arm Televisions with powerful patients apps
Basic MediaCare Home Screen

Easy to Use and Configure

Taking the basic principles and usability that Google employs in their Android TV, MediaCare was designed to be easy to navigate and brings essential elements to the patient first, but gives providers control over set-up and content. These options include things like customizing Welcome Videos and Banners and prioritized app recommendations so providers can present their retail spaces or brand. MediaCare includes customizable pre-built modules, the ability to change the background images, and a secure Admin page that prevents patients or unauthorized staff from changing any of the settings. MediaCare also offers detailed reporting so providers can monitor app usage for more informed decision-making.

HCI Interactive Hall Whiteboard for patient room signage displays dynamic patient data in A HIPAA-Compliant form.
HCI BedMate patient TVs for hospitals and healthcare settings are designed for infection control.
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HCI CareApps have been designed to feature large banners for available media content, customizable for different categories. When a patient selects a video or audio banner that interests them, MediaCare opens a detailed view providing a description and runtime. All CareApps on MediaCare have a built-in Search function, making it easier for a patient to find exactly what they want for self-service, including meal ordering according to their dietary guidelines, prescription fulfillment, and even video calls with Family and Friends.

Family & Friends Connect brings patients and their loved ones closer through video connection on our interactive devices.

MediaCare was designed with setup and customization to be performed with an HCI remote, eliminating any need to connect to a mouse and keyboard. Everything from customizing apps on the Home Screen, changing or adding images, and customizing other features are handled within seconds, using the handy remote. You can set up digital artwork, add branding as background fill, establish self-service for retail ordering and non-clinical tasks, and so much more. Patient support – it’s what MediaCare is all about.

Discover how MediaCare can help you reduce expenses and provide better overall patient support with a brief, personalized virtual or in-person demo.